When Your Beauty Products Smell Good You’re More Likely To Use Them!

Jan Marini Skin Zyme Products

Okay, maybe I made that post title fact up! But you would probably believe such a statement after smelling the Jan Marini Skin Zyme duo! I could smell these fresh, elegant, heavenly products even before they made it out of the mailer box they arrived in! (Huge thanks, by the way, to Brand Backer and Jan Marini for sending me these to try out!) I’m all about easy, skin care routines, and I rely on products that multi task. The Clean Zyme cleanser and Skin Zyme mask do so much, all at once, that I feel confident in allowing myself to forget about the state of my skin and focus on other things when I get home after a long day at the office!

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Anatomy of an Arm Party

Klasse14 Rose Gold Watch

This post is sponsored in part by Klasse14. All opinions are my own. #OrdinarilyUnique #Klasse14. This post contains affiliate links.

A few weeks ago the amazing team at Klasse14 sent me THIS gorgeous rose gold mesh watch to try out and I’ve been wearing it non-stop! I’ve been styling it with so many of my favorite pieces and it made me start reminiscing over some of my favorite #ArmParty mixes of the past! I dug through my Instagram to round-up my 10 best wrist stacks with tips on how to design the perfect pairing!

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National Consignment Day with The Real Real #NeverThrowAway

A Guide to Scoring Your Dream Designer Piece!

This post is sponsored by TheRealReal via ShareASale and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. #NeverThrowAway #NationalConsignmentDay 

I have been shopping second hand shops, thrift stores, estate sales, and consignment shops for about 12 years now to score designer pieces at a fraction of their original cost! It can be disheartening though to be on the hunt for that perfect item and know it could be hiding at a yard sale, 3 States away, and I’ll never know about it! My inability to hit up every treasure hunting spot in the world has led me to broaden my search to the internet! There is still an ‘art’ to second hand luxury shopping online though, and today, on the first National Consignment Day, I’m partnering with The Real Real online luxury consignment store to bring you my best tips for scoring your dream designer piece online!

Shop similar pieces to what I’m wearing in this post from The Real Real below.

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How to Style Bright Colors for Fall

Style Pink, Red & Orange For Fall

I loved almost all of the Fall / Winter trends that came down the runway this season because, with the exception of red boots (I’m totally lost on this one!), I’ve been rocking these styles on and off for all of my 20s! Isn’t it nice that fashion is cyclical and you never have to worry about those pieces you borrowed from your mom eventually coming back en vogue?! (I’m looking at you, 1980s shoulder pads!). My favorite trend though would have to be the combining of red, orange and pink! This is such a fun fusion of shades and has always been a love of mine because it’s reminiscent of my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day! While I don’t believe this should be a daunting or difficult look to wear, I do have a few tips for keeping it chic and street-style-esque and not looking too trendy!

Style Pink, Red & Orange For Fall

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September Instastories Round-Up! Shop the Posts You May Have Missed!

September Instastories Round-Up

I’m taking a little blogging break this week to get some other stuff done but I wanted to do a quick, Instastories round-up for y’all before September is over! All of you are so sweet to be interested in what I’m doing on the daily, but since I currently have less than 10k “followers” on Insta I don’t have access to the handy-dandy, “swipe up to shop” feature! As a result I get dozens of inbox messages asking me for links to the items I post about, so I’m linking everything in this blog! I’ll try to do this every month until I get to 10k and can link in the story for you to click on! I honestly don’t care if I never reach 10k though because it’s not the numbers, but the engagement, that matters to me, and y’all are the BEST followers I could ever ask for! So bear with me if we never get the swipe feature! I think you deserve to have it, no matter who you’re following, but you’ll have to take that up with Instagram!

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