Mint Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

When I was a kid my Nana used to make me a peanut butter based spread when I would visit to top my morning waffles! As an adult I still think of it as a treat but I’m a little more concerned about the level of sugar it contained! I’ve reinvented the recipe into something just as indulgent but a little less guilt inducing!

Mint Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread Recipe

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4 Years of German Christmas Markets

It’s taken me being back in the States a year and a half to write this because I miss Germany so much, and looking at these photos makes me want to cry! Christkindlemarkts are just one of many, many things I loved about living in Germany, but I spent all of last Christmas making new memories in Nashville, and I’m so thankful to have so many Holidays in so many countries, cities and States to look back on and enjoy 🙂

German Christmas Market

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Winter Beauty Must Haves

I have to treat my skin and hair with a little extra TLC in the Winter months because of the dry, cold air. Today I’m dishing on my Winter Beauty musts and discussing why each one is in my routine. Please know that I am in no way qualified to prescribe any sort of treatments or supplements, so if you’re thinking about switching up your skin or hair care routine, please consult with your physician before trying anything new or unfamiliar!

Winter Beauty Musts

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