Diy Faux Sequin Collar

For this project you will need:
blouse // slung sequin trim // thread that matches the blouse // straight pins // scissors // fabric pencil // measuring tape // sewing needle //
“Slung” sequin trim is way easier to work with than loose sequins because you don’t have to worry so much about how the shape you’re trying to sew onto the fabric will look. 
On this blouse there are two rows of sequins slightly over-lapping each other.
Make sure you measure and mark where you want the collar outline to be then pin the trim into place. Take out the pins as you sew to each one. 
The thread and fabric should be the same type to avoid the trim scrunching later. i.e. if the blouse is %100 polyester then the thread should be %100 polyester.
Care Instructions for you newly sparkling blouse: 
Ideally you want to hand wash this but you can also put it in a garment bag and wash on gentle/hand-wash cycle and hang to dry.