10 Finish-In-An-Afternoon Tee Shirt Updates!

I LOVE and thrive off of DIYs! Updating vintage or thrift store finds is one of my favorite past times! Not only because it allows me a creative outlet but because it’s extremely cost efficient for keeping up with my constantly changing fashion and style mood swings! I’ve curated 10 of my favorite Tee-Shirt DIY updates for you below! Enjoy!

ONE // Photo credit Style Reload by Virginie Peny

TWO // Rivet Shirt via Project 22 / Full instructions HERE

THREE // Graphic Celine Paris Tee / Full instructions HERE / Buy this one HERE

FOUR // Use a black and a white tee for this DIY. Simply sew blocks of black over desired areas on white tee and add a pocket. Some measuring and sewing required / Photo credit HERE

FIVE // Lace back insert / Full instructions HERE

SIX // Dip Dye Star Pattern Tee / Dip about 8″ of the bottom of tee into bleach then rinse and hang upside down to dry. Splatter bleach onto upper part of tee with a new tooth brush. Rinse again and dry completely before wearing. Make sure to wear gloves and a face mask as bleach can be dangerous if inhaled / Photo credit HERE

SEVEN // Lace Shoulders Tee / Over lay lace onto the shoulder panels of a tee. Sew down along edges. Trim excess lace. Turn tee inside out and trim away from underneath the lace. Some sewing and measuring required / Photo credit HERE

EIGHT // 10 Minute No Sew Pocket Tee / Full instructions HERE

NINE // Music Festival Tee / Photo credit and video instructions HERE

TEN // Coachella 5 Minute No Sew Tee / Full instructions HERE

Let me know which ones you tried out! I can’t wait to try the studded sleeve (#1) and color block sleeve/pocket (#4) styles this weekend! 
xox Rachel




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