The Laundress Holiday Collection & SoHo Flagship Store Opening

I immediately fell in love with The Laundress brand after trying their Fabric Fresh Spray in September and have been choosing their products for my laundry care needs ever since. I’m a huge proponent of natural and gentle cleaning and nixing the harsh chemicals and overpowering scents found in most popular products. The Laundress is everything I ever wanted from a cleaning products company and more. Last month I blogged about my October favorites and included their Fabric Fresh Spray. A few days later the lovely Christine sent me the sweetest e-mail asking if I wanted to try out some products from their newly launched limited edition seasonal line. Of course I said yes!

The Laundress Holiday_05

My favorite thing about the Holiday season are the scents… pine boughs, pumpkin pie, spiced apples, hot chocolate… the list goes on! But food isn’t the only thing I need to smell delicious in my house during the Holidays. Keeping a fresh, clean, inviting guest room during the busiest visiting season of the year is the mark of the perfect hostess.

The Laundress Holdiay_04

The Santa’s Stain Bar helps keep those pillowcases and hand towels looking their best without dulling the color or damaging the fabrics.

The Laundress Holiday_01

The Laundress Holiday_02

One of my favorite things about climbing into bed is sliding between freshly washed sheets. Knowing they have been cleaned with the classic, traditional and trusted Scented Vinegar makes falling asleep that much sweeter! For more on using Vinegar in your cleaning routines read: “Tips & Tricks for Cleaning with Vinegar” on The Laundress blog HERE.
The Laundress Holiday_03

Finally I have to discuss my favorite product: The Holiday scented Fabric Fresh Spray! This spray is like instantly laundering your clothes in 2 seconds. This is the perfect little gift to leave in the guest room for your travel weary out-of-towner. Let them freshen up their suitcase smushed sweaters just in time for family tree decorating and pie 🙂


The Laundress Holiday_06

The Laundress Holiday_07

After all my raving I’m sure you’re ready to try out The Laundress products for yourself! If you’re in the NYC area, you’re in luck — They just opened their flagship shop in SoHo yesterday! If you’re no where near NYC, you’re still in luck; I know you’re totally reading this on your phone right now so hop over to and prepare for your cleaning game to change forever! Want to score 20% off your next order (and get free shipping on orders of $50+) from The Laundress? Sign up for their e-mail list!



Congratulations, Gwen & Lindsey!

Thank you for sharing your tips, tricks and concoctions with us!