Simple & Sweet Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is my favorite day of the year. You can be as sappy and romantic as you want, chocolate calories don’t count, and decorating everything in sight with pink and red is socially acceptable. My husband doesn’t really understand my obsession with Valentine’s Day but he respects that I absolutely adore it, and being the cheesy person that I am, need him to acknowledge that! Because we respect each other’s arbitrary preferences he does his best to make Valentine’s day special for me… just like I make major football game days fun for him (I even cancelled plans for a highly anticipated NYE party this year so he could watch a game that went from 7-10 that night!). Even though he doesn’t get excited about Valentine’s day I still try to surprise him so he enjoys it as much as I do!

DIY Valentine Scratch off Lottery Ticket

Valentine Mantle Decor

Friday morning I went out to my Jeep and found this sweet cuddly teddy bear in my front passenger seat! Yes, I took him to work with me 🙂

Oversized Valentine Teddy Bear

Later that morning a bouquet of gorgeous roses arrived! He knows how much it means to me to receive flowers at my office especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a week day I can’t take off — of course it didn’t this time, which is why the flowers were such a surprise!

Valentine's Day Red Roses

When I left my office Friday I went home and made him heart shaped pepperoni pizza and chocolate fondue with strawberries for dinner and surprised him with a mock “lottery ticket” as a gift. He has a little ritual of buying those $1 lottery tickets after something lucky happens and the funny thing is he always either breaks even or wins over the value of the ticket! So I knew he would get a kick out of receiving a “lottery ticket” on Valentine’s Day!DIY Heart Shape Pepperoni for Valentines Day

DIY Valentine Scratch off Lottery Ticket

Creating the “lottery ticket” was so easy. I designed a ‘ticket’ using graphics on and printed it on 4″ x 6″ paper in full color ink. Using a silver paint pen I wrote the ‘prizes’ inside the lip prints. Next, I covered the front and back of the ‘ticket’ in clear contact paper and trimmed the excess to 4″ x 6″. Lastly, I used a Sharpie poster paint pen to draw over the contact paper and cover the prizes inside the lip prints. After drying (maybe 10 minutes) the gold poster paint easily scratches off using a coin… just like a real lottery ticket!

DIY Heart Pepperoni

Saturday morning I made him an omelet with heart pepperoni served on a heart shaped plate and chocolate milk in the cutest red and gold mug I found at Homegoods. It’s hard, even for someone who thinks Valentine’s Day is unnecessary, to dislike a special Saturday morning breakfast!

Valentine's Day Mantle Decor

Valentine's Day Lipstick

Any excuse to wear my favorite red lipstick is a red letter day for me!

Cartier Love Ring

Cartier for Valentines Day

When one of your Valentine’s Day gifts appears on your mantle as an unexpected surprise, and comes in a little red box, you decorate the rest of your mantle around it as your inspiration!

Special Edition Valentine Cupcakes from Sprinkles Nashville

On Saturday my best friend and I celebrated GAL-entine’s and went to Sprinkles cupcakes on 12 South for the first time. We ended up scoring two of the limited edition raspberry and chocolate chip cupcakes for FREE and later stopped at a new coffee shop on 21st to exchange our Valentines.

Valentine's Day Brunch Accessories

On Sunday morning I took my husband to Josephine’s on 12 South. My best friend introduced me to this delightful spot a few months ago and after going on and on about how amazing it was to my husband I knew I had to take him. What better day to enjoy a delicious, cozy brunch than on a cold and gray Valentine’s Day?

A huge thank you to Rocksbox for the crystal peach Perry Street earrings and crystal Loren Hope necklace you see above to wear for this special date!

Valentines Brunch at 12 South

Cheers to the sweetest Valentine’s weekend ever!

What do you love (or hate!?) about Valentine’s Day?