Grown Up Easter Basket Inspiration

Grown Up #Girlboss Easter Basket Inspiration!

One of my favorite requests to receive from friends and family is my help finding a gift for someone special. Over the years I’ve been asked to put together Easter baskets and I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to include for a non-food/candy basket for grown up girls! These photos are of a ‘mock’ basket of ideas that include gifts I have personally received that would be perfect to give for Easter! (Of course, I’m keeping all of these items, but you get the idea!)

Grown Up #Girlboss Easter Basket Inspiration!

I love seasonally packaged makeup like this darling bunny shaped Lipsmacker! Bonus: It also smells and tastes amazing! The Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight palette is a new beauty release and very hot right now. All the cool girls are going to be trying to get their hands on this one for Spring! Bath bombs are another currently trending item. Try to find some in fresh Spring colors like these from Forever21, Urban Outfitters or Etsy.

Grown Up #Girlboss Easter Basket Inspiration!

This fun-sized-Instagram-worthy Instax camera is one of my favorite things I ever received in a brand PR package and it makes the perfect gift! You can pick one up from here or here. If you know her size consider some athletic gear like a Fitbit watch strap or a pair of trainers. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t love a fresh new pair of gym kicks! These pale pink ones by Nike are comfy and chic!

Grown Up #Girlboss Easter Basket Inspiration!

Mugs are one of the easiest gifts to find and give. There are always cute ones for ever season at places like Target and Michael’s. This pink and gold “I Get You” mug is from TJMaxx and was gifted to me on Valentine’s Day by a dear friend.

Grown Up #Girlboss Easter Basket Inspiration!

The basket and filling is the easiest part. Choose something a little ‘nicer’ than your typical dollar-bin straw version and opt for a metal style in silver or gold. This one was only $5 from HomeGoods and I picked up the squiggle shred from the greeting card section of the drugstore.

You can always tuck a few seasonally shaped chocolates somewhere in the basket, just to make it quintessentially Easter, but it’s not a requirement! I tried to make this whole process as simple as possible, so if you have a husband/boyfriend or someone who isn’t super creative with Seasonal gifting to worry about, send this link their way! Hopefully they’ll be pointed in the right direction and be inspired!


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  1. I LOVE making Easter baskets, and I love the one that you created so much! I love how cohesive all of the colors are 🙂 (Last year I made a themed basket to donate to a home, and I found out they redistributed my items, and I was really disappointed because it all matched! Haha)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

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