September Instastories Round-Up! Shop the Posts You May Have Missed!

September Instastories Round-Up

I’m taking a little blogging break this week to get some other stuff done but I wanted to do a quick, Instastories round-up for y’all before September is over! All of you are so sweet to be interested in what I’m doing on the daily, but since I currently have less than 10k “followers” on Insta I don’t have access to the handy-dandy, “swipe up to shop” feature! As a result I get dozens of inbox messages asking me for links to the items I post about, so I’m linking everything in this blog! I’ll try to do this every month until I get to 10k and can link in the story for you to click on! I honestly don’t care if I never reach 10k though because it’s not the numbers, but the engagement, that matters to me, and y’all are the BEST followers I could ever ask for! So bear with me if we never get the swipe feature! I think you deserve to have it, no matter who you’re following, but you’ll have to take that up with Instagram!

September Instastories Round-Up

September Food Faves:

  • The Grilled Cheeserie food truck: try the B&B of Tennessee
  • Bacon Nation food truck: try The Ultimate BLT
  • Starbucks drink order: Grande (16oz.), iced, Pumpkin Spice Latte with coconut milk, no whip (*only* 260 calories!)
  • Gin & Tonic: Ice, Hendricks Gin, Lime Juice, Fever Tree Tonic Water Light

I also don’t want you to have to fill up your phone memory screen-shotting (is that a word?!) my stories to get info, so just Pin or bookmark this page to refer to later if you want to check out these my every-day makeup products, mix a G&T the R.K.C. Southern way, track down my go-to food truck orders, or order my favorite PSL concoction!


14 thoughts on “September Instastories Round-Up! Shop the Posts You May Have Missed!

  1. What a great idea for a post! I love Instastories but sometimes you’er just too late for the game and miss what’s going on in a blogger’s life!

  2. Omg what a cool idea for a post! It’s so hard to keep up with everyone’s Instastories because there’s so many of them now – I think everyone should do something like this! Thank you for sharing!

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