About Rachel of R.K.C. Southern

Hello dears! My name is Rachel; I’m an Alabama-raised girl with an affinity for slow Summer days, sweet tea and magnolias! I am also the writer and content developer behind this blog!

My mission with blogging, and everything I publish on social media, is to provide a space for honest conversation and genuine engagement centered around ladylike charm and a generous helping of sequins! Every time you stop by I want you to feel at home and be entertained as long as possible! I want you to feel as if we are at my sewing table at home, DIY-ing something fabulous, or cooking together in my kitchen, or simply setting on the porch, enjoying a warm, lazy afternoon together! I do my best to create this feeling of friendship by openly sharing my thoughts and advice on a variety of subjects including food & recipes, home & party decor, fashion & beauty, blogging & travel! What makes this blog so unique is that every post comes from the viewpoint of a (very late!)-20s-something who moved away from her Southern upbringing and has spent her adult-hood traveling and living in different cities (so far those have included Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee and two different cities in Germany!). Moving so far away from everything I knew as a child, and living abroad for almost 4 years, lends a uniquely interesting influence to every topic chosen, photograph taken and word published.

I may have been around the world a few times, but I’ll always call the South home.

On R.K.C. Southern you’ll see two sides of my personality… the fun loving, personal side, and my reserved, Southern-raised, ladylike exterior! I try to present an honest, equal part of both sides to you and I love creating content that reflects everything I loved growing up and have grown to love as I get older and experience new things!

This blog is the merging of my first few blogging attempts between 2009 and 2014. I learned so much about what I did and didn’t want to be as a blogger the last 5 years before realizing my passions.

Stay a while and let me know you stopped by with a comment! I love making new friends via social media and collaborating with bloggers and companies!

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