Weekend Edit | Target Edition

Who else has a love / hate relationship with Target? Last night I was browsing, killing time before meeting with a client, and I fully spent 1.5 hours combing through the store and I didn’t even make it to athletic or outdoor sections (that should go to show you just how much there was to look at)! Shockingly I walked out only having spent $51.47, which is a feat in and of itself, considering I haven’t been in a Target for months.

Weekend Edit | Target Edition

I was really impressed to see the collab collections they’re currently offering (Bauble Bar, Who What Wear, Oh Joy & Nate Berkus) and upcoming projects (Victoria Beckham & a WINE BAR?!).  A trip to Target has always been a “treat” for me and the 5 years I lived thousands of miles away from a Target I was more than fine with learning to do without it (when one has Paris in their backyard it’s not difficult to forget everything else). After spending all that time away from stores I had been accustomed to frequenting I realized something startling: Target is not necessary! But it embodies so much of what we love about shopping in America: Pretty, convenient and essentially unnecessary, but OH SO FUN!

I rounded up some of my favorite new items available on Target.com right now (most of this was sold out at my location!) and I hope you enjoy! There’s something sort of mildly thrilling about “scoring” at Target! Somehow they’ve made mass retail shopping feel like an exploratory experience, never knowing what sparkly bauble, cute kitchen decor, or delicious ice cream flavor you’ll find, which is why it will always feel like a treat to me.

Dress, Earrings, Cosmetic Bag, Lamp, Necklace, Pot, Pouch, Book ends, Pillow, Stapler, Purse, Sunglasses


DIY Designer Inspired Crystal Bee Pumps

It’s officially Spring! Which means craving fresh, new pieces for my wardrobe! Rather than spend a ton of $ on new stuff every season I like to update items I know I already like. You’ve probably seen a lot of the cute little bee motif popping up on the runways, blogs and magazines this year — they’re popular every Spring, but seem to be even more so this time for some reason!🐝 However, I’m not about to drop $400+ on a pair of shoes just because they’re popular! One of the easiest ways to stay current on trends is adding appliques and embellishments to pieces you already own!

I searched Etsy and found dozens of bead and embroidery bee appliques. After choosing THIS design to add to my favorite pair of $40 Nine West pumps I started thinking of other things I could add bead appliques to — scarves, jackets, lapel collars, hand bags or clutches… The possibilities are endless!👠

I’ve rounded up my favorite pumps $29.99 – $89.99 (just waiting to be embellished!) below:

To adhere my bee appliques to this pair of suede pumps I used E6000 glue according to the directions on the bottle.

Have you ever updated or altered a piece of fashion to wear for a new season? Tag me on Instagram so I can see! I love getting inspired by y’all and your amazing ideas!


8 Spring Trends You Will Either Love or Hate

I have mixed emotions about this year’s Spring trends. I love the banker stripes, shirt dresses, satin jeweled pumps and tweed, but there are a few styles I just can’t wrap my mind around! I remember wearing pom pom earrings and embroidered jeans as a 13 year old in 2001! Not my best fashion year. Which stands to reason why I wouldn’t want to revisit it any time soon! What do you think about the trending styles below? Love them or hate them?


Fitness Gear for Fashion Girls

Fitness & Workout Gear for Fashion Minded Chicks

As someone who isn’t a fan of bright colors, or giving up my fashion style identity while working out, it’s difficult to find fitness gear that reflects my personality! I understand the psychology behind eye catching fitness clothing (i.e. bright colors = happier mood!) but it’s the opposite case for me! When faced with bright colors I become discombobulated and unfocused, thus making my workouts less effective! I need calm tones, muted shades and a sense of serenity when working out. Recently I started the hunt for “the perfect” workout outfits for myself and realized there are probably a lot of fashion-minded girls like me who don’t wear brightly colored clothing, and as a result, don’t see the point in wearing them to exercise! After lots of searching I’ve found some great pieces and had to share with y’all! I’m watching the post office box for mine to arrive and am already so excited for everything to finally be matching! A few sets of matching, good quality exercise outfits are one of those “30 before 30” things everyone should have on their to-do list! Since I’m nearing 29 now is as good a time as ever!







Fitness & Workout Gear for Fashion Minded Chicks
I hope your next glow sesh is as fabulous as your outfit!

Michael Kors February 2017 | Paris Meets Prep

I don’t follow the runway shows (except for Dior & Elie Saab; be still my heart!) but after seeing the Fall ’17 Michael Kors collection come across my social media I had to check it out! The instant vibe I got was, “Paris Meets Prep,” and somehow the whole collection looked startlingly familiar… My Pinterest board, “5th Avenue at 5am” could have been a literal inspiration/mood board for this collection, which is why I fell in love with it!

Michael Kors February 2017 Runway

Images above via

These are my 12 favorite looks from the MK F17 runway this month:

Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway Michael Kors February 2017 Runway

Runway images above via

Give me all the navy blue and white! Things I love about this collection: The platform heels, wide shoulders and tapered waists, wide belts, double breasted men’s wear cut jackets and coats, pinstripes, and all the suit separates you can mix and match!

Do you follow runway shows every season? Who are your favorites and how do they give you inspiration for your own style?