From Coffee to Cocktails // Remaining Gracious When You Feel Like Giving In

FREE Hustle Phone Wallpaper #dressyourtech

Living with the intention to never compromise my commitment to approaching every situation in life and business with grace is something I’ve realized will never be a perfectly balanced act. There are discouraging times I feel like ruthlessness is the only way to get what I want, but my moral compass never allows me to stoop to certain levels. My Mama always said, “you catch more flies with honey.” Being gracious and ladylike doesn’t mean you’re a push over. It means you succeed despite people’s incorrect assumptions that you cannot maintain your femininity while climbing the ladder to success. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found 4″ heels give me something to dig in with on that daily climb! My established personal style and need for things “to be pretty” while I work isn’t a hindrance — it’s the foundation by which my brand and business succeed! My aesthetic has made me the success I am today. We’ve all heard that saying, “bless your heart,” right? Southern women know it has a myriad of meanings; you know instinctively what sort of blessing is being bestowed based on the tone, inflection, attitude and expression of the woman who just said it. She didn’t raise her voice, use course language, become aggressive or argumentative, did she? Every hair was in place, and her nails perfectly manicured. Yet, you know exactly what she meant by those 3 words. They could have felt like the hug of an angel or the most dire threat to your life and everything you hold dear!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! + FREE tech wallpaper download!

What better way to commemorate a birthday than with gifts?! In celebration of my 29th birthday this week I created a free phone wallpaper, just for you, with a little RKC Southern sprinkled in! I hope you love it! I see nothing but good times ahead for my 29th year!

Good Times Ahead Tech Wallpaper Download

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Self Love #DressYourTech Wallpaper Downloads

It’s freebie #DressYourTech time again! My cousin-in-law, @danidee44, posted THIS quote on Instagram recently that inspired the first wallpaper you’ll see below… it’s a little reminder to love yourself enough to be whatever you want, every day, even if it changes day to day, even if it scares you.

Free Valentine Phone Wallpapers

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New Year, New Freebies!

I was totally floored to find out y’all liked my “Don’t Kill My Vibe” wallpaper so much in 2016 that you re-pinned it (As well as shared, Tweeted and Instagrammed it!) well over ONE MILLION times!!! Thank you so much for the love! Freebie wallpapers are one of my favorite things to make and seeing my creations appreciate to that level reminds me I’m not just blogging to outer space! Ya’ll are seriously the BEST!!!

FREE Wallpaper Download

In keeping with the Kitschy theme this season on the blog I created two Beverly Hills Hotel / Dorothy Draper inspired tech wallpapers to help us all ring in 2017! Who else believes this year will be amazing!? We have so much to work on as human beings, but we need to remember how far we’ve come and take a moment to stop and smell the roses.

FREE Preppy Zebra Phone Wallpaper

FREE Wallpaper Download

FREE Preppy Tiger Wallpaper

Long press (from your device) or right click (from your computer) on either wallpaper to save and enjoy!

Which wallpaper do you want to use first?! I have the tigers on my screen right now but I think I’ll switch to the zebras next week! I can’t decide which I like better! 🙂


Ho Ho Ho Christmas Phone Wallpaper Download

Christmas is the perfect time to let your inner kitsch out! I love mixing bright colors and sparkle during the Winter because it’s usually so dreary and dark outside. Having everything merry and bright inside brings the glow of the season to every every moment at home… And when I can’t be home I like to bring that glitter and shine with me on my phone with this month’s free phone screen download!Ho Ho Ho Christmas Phone Wallpaper Download #Freebie |

On your mobile phone press on the image below to save.

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Phone Wallpaper Download #Freebie |

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Phone Wallpaper Download #Freebie |

What is your favorite thing about the Winter Holiday season?

*All props featured in this post’s photos are from Hobby Lobby*