FREE Christmas Decor Theme Stock Photo Download

Early Christmas gifts are the BEST! Today’s free download is my early gift to YOU! For all my makers, graphic designers, bloggers, small business owners, etc., you may use these stock images any way you please except selling the image in it’s original form. When I offer something for FREE it ruins the spirit of the gift if it doesn’t remain so! Click the “read more” button or scroll to the end for the full resolution download link!

FREE Christmas Holiday Stock Photo Download from

I included a little color guide for you on the example image above if you want to add matching text to your stock image 🙂

FREE Christmas Theme Stock Photo Download

FREE Christmas Holiday Stock Photo Download from

Download full resolution images HEREHERE

Creative Commons LicenseFREE Christmas Stock Photo by RKC Southern blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


FREE Bridal Theme Stock Photo Download

You probably recognize the image below from THIS blog photo shoot last month! While I was prepping my new line of bridal themed tees and totes I took a photo with only the props to make into a stock photo because this little vignette was just too pretty not to share as a FREE download for the blog!

FREE Bridal Fashion Themed Stock Photo Download! |

Click HERE to download the full sized image.

FREE Bridal Fashion Themed Stock Photo Download! |

As with all freebies on this blog you may use as long as you do not claim ownership of my work and are not using it to make a profit, eg. printing the image out and selling it as artwork, printing the image onto a shirt, bag or phone case to sell, or using it in an Etsy shop, or other online boutique to sell an item, or the like. You’re free to use the image and layer text over it to post on social media or your blog or website 🙂 (if you have any questions just e-mail me!) Enjoy!Signature

FREE Styled Stock Photo Bundle Download

Styled stock photos are one of those things that are so tricky to create and even harder to find! Any time I take photos for my blog posts I take a few extras to use as “stock” photos in the future when I don’t have time to re-shoot images for a similar topic. For example, the photos below were taken when I did a shoot for a new phone wallpaper download, so instead of taking 25 shots, and only using 1 -2 for the actual post, I decided to take tons and share some of my favorites with YOU!

FREE Flat Lay Styled Stock Photo Bundle | RKC Southern blog

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Hello All! I’m sure there are some new faces and lots of old friends here today <3 Thank you so much for celebrating the launch of my NEW blog location with a little virtual launch party! Welcome! If you are new you may want to start with the ‘About’ page so you know what’s so special and awesome about this website! If you’re just here for the giveaway you’ll find it at the end of this post — Good luck!

welcome to the My DIY Life Launch Party!

A little background on why this is a launch party; Okay, so I’ve been blogging since ’09 but finally found my niche in late 2013… you guessed it… DIY blogging! I thought about moving over from Blogger to WordPress for some time but finally decided to do the whole change when the “.life” website suffix was created (by internet fairies? Who decides these things?). I knew it was time to take the plunge! So here we are… a few months later with a fancy-schmancy new website 🙂

One question that I have been getting a lot since announcing this move last month is how exactly did you move from blogger to WordPress? It was definitely the DIY of a lifetime! I promise you I will be addressing this topic with a list of resources and tips I learned during the process with a blog post very soon.

I hope you enjoy looking around! There are so many fun freebies and goodies packed into this post! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this special moment with me!

Launch party for My DIY Life blog

Now what would a party be without some FREE goodies?! Let’s start off with a coupon code to the (also newly opened) Glitter Goody Bar! You can shop the GG Bar for all things sequined and sparkly! To get you started enjoy 14% off your purchases of $14 or more now through Valentine’s Day 2015!

Visit for 14% off your purchase of $14+ now through Feb. 14, 2015

Now for some free downloads. A few weeks ago while shooting photos for the sequin heart clips DIY blog post I was using a lot of sequins and pretty crafty supplies. It occurred to me to take some photos of just the supplies to use as stock photography. This is my first attempt at stock photography but I think they really turned out lovely and I wanted to share! Download the zipped folder with all 4 images below in full size HERE.

free valentine craft themed stock photos

Okay, I’ve teased you long enough… let’s get to the real reason you’re here… THE GIVEAWAY! If you were a reader at my former blog location you probably entered giveaways with some of my favorite Etsy shops like OhLalaAli, Fl(h)air Accessories or Sleepy Cottage. Today all three of the aforementioned Etsy shops have joined this giveaway as well as myself! Yes, that’s right – I am giving away a little treasure trove of goodies that I love from here in Germany. One of you will win ALL the goodies shown below. Since there are so many goodies there are also lots of ways you can enter. The more ways you enter the better your chance of winning, so don’t be shy!

Launch party giveaway

The giveaway includes: A personalized heart decal sticker from OhLaLaAli, The Debutante Sleep mask by Sleepy Cottage, The set of hair ties shown above from Fl(h)air Accessories, A heart shaped tin of Lindt chocolates, A pack of paper heart straws, A 2-sheet set of glitter heart stickers, A mini mirror disco ball, A box of Mozart heart chocolates, A bag of Sweet Heart loose leaf fruit tea, and A gold mini Sequin Heart Wreath from the Glitter Goody Bar! A big thank you to Ali, Emma and Sabrina for sponsoring this giveaway!


Good luck & thank you all again for popping by to say hello and celebrate the new blog with me!