Skin-Clearing Back-To-School Makeup Tutorial!

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Neutrogena Back-To-School Autumn Makeup

My back-to-school planning consists of a morning routine that involves doing multiple things at once to save time! I currently live in Nashville, and the traffic congestion seems to triple as soon as all the schools are back in session! I’ve been out of Uni for a few years but I still have a back-to-school routine to ensure I look and feel my best before rushing out the door to get to the office on time! My sensitive skin needs constant TLC, so skipping my skin care products before applying makeup is a no-no, even if I’m in a rush! Thank goodness for Neutrogena® SkinClearing® makeup! I’m able to apply my foundation, concealer and setting powder while nourishing my skin with dermatologist developed formula that boosts the power of salicylic acid by breaking through oil and unclogging pores for fast acne relief. Neutrogena® SkinClearing® makeup covers up and helps prevent breakouts while you wear it! Having clear skin gives me confidence, and when I feel confident, I look my best!

As Summer ends, and school is back in session, I’m always moved by the beautiful jewel tones of the changing Fall leaves! The tutorial I’m showing you today is my fail-proof, wear-to-school-or-work, Autumn-inspired makeup look!

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Organizing for Your Lifestyle // Book Review

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Book Review: Organizing for your Lifestyle By Jane Stoller

May 6, 2017: I love self-help books. I’m convinced there’s mountains of valuable information in all the self-help books in the world that I would greatly benefit from if only I had the time to read them. Is a lack of free time to read beneficial material the ultimate mark of a poorly schedule life? A disorganized life? If only there were time to read a self-help book that could cure me of my chronic inability to find time to be organized…

May 7, 2017: I opened up my email and read a letter from Kelsey of Jane Stoller’s PR team. Kelsey asked If I’d like to review Jane’s new book, “Organizing for your Lifestyle.” My first thought was, “I don’t have time for a book review! I can’t even read the books I find myself!” But the title intrigued me and I accepted.

A few days later the book arrived in the mail and I immediately began reading so I could get a review up in a timely manner. I had no idea this was THE self-help book I’d been looking for.

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Vii Code Beauty O2M Oxygen Eye Mask Review

A few weeks ago, Elle, from Vii Code Beauty, e-mailed me to ask If I’d like to test out their 8-hour oxygen eye mask and write about my experience. After reading some reviews and doing some research on the product I said yes! (who can say no to free beauty products?!)

If you’re like me, scheduling any “self care” beyond brushing one’s teeth is increasingly difficult as priorities and obligations pile on, even on the weekends! Enter the Vii Code Beauty O2M Eye Oxygen Mask to pamper you without taking up any precious time in the process!

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There’s Something I’d Like to Say on International Women’s Day

To all the girl bosses out there who leave their 9-5, go home, and hustle their dreams until 2am like nobody’s business. 💪 May we rise and slay, day after day. 👠 With grace we’ll say, “lovely is she who doesn’t stop till she has it all.”💄
International Women's DayIt’s funny; growing up I never once heard from anyone that women can or can’t do certain things — I only ever found out some women in this country truly believe they’re oppressed after seeing it screamed in the streets. I never had that false belief crippling my ability to get anything done, so I kept on doing what I wanted, and nobody ever mentioned to me that I was a woman! Thank God I was never fed those lies at a young, impressionable age. I won’t get into politics here, because I don’t believe a lifestyle blog is the place for that, but if you are truly passionate about women’s rights please take the ones you have in this incredible country and use them to help women who TRULY have no voice. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about here’s a place to start:

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Gluten Free Chocolate Bliss Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Bliss Cake Recipe

Instead of a ‘cheat day,’ or even ‘cheat meal,’ I’ve decided to try enjoying one ‘cheat item’ per week to keep myself on a healthy eating lifestyle track. Early last week I was trying to decide what my special Saturday treat was going to be and realized it wasn’t really a reward for hard work to ingest something that would take away from all my progress during the week! I wanted to trigger those foodie pleasure centers without derailing myself and going on a junk bender! I’m the type of person who can’t dip their toes in bad habits — I’m all in our all out. For me, forming good habits is as much mental as it is physical. I realized a ‘reward’ didn’t have to mean treating my stomach like a rubbish compactor! My first thought was to keep my ‘cheat’ treat at least gluten free, even if it had high fat and sugar content (baby steps!). I think I ended up truly enjoying a couple pieces of this cake because I knew it wasn’t chemical-ridden and damaging, which kept my mind-set on track for the following Monday. There’s no reason to purposefully torture yourself with something you know is bad for you. Why use unhealthy food as a reward at all?! While this cake is empty calories (there’s not enough of the right types of nutrition to keep your energy sustained, or your tummy full!), it was still a pleasure to eat (and isn’t that the point!?), and I can’t wait to make it again when I need a ‘little something’ to keep me going, and remind me what I’m working towards, without feeling guilty afterwards!

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