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RKC Southern offers opportunities for collaboration on inspiring lifestyle editorial content including outfit posts, styled shoots, and product reviews. R.K.C. Southern caters to a millennial audience interested in affordable fashion, décor & DIY’s!

Stats as of July, 2017

The R.K.C. Southern blog has a steadily growing social media following:

Facebook: 700+ Instagram: 6,300+  Pinterest: 11,800+  Twitter: 2,200+

R.K.C. Southern reaches over 1 million people every month across social media!

1 million impressions in the last 30 days

Blog to Pinterest traffic analytics

As of February, 2017 R.K.C. Southern’s blog Bounce Rate is 26.5% with over 25k Page views per month with the number one source of traffic being organic Google searches.

R.K.C. Southern has partnered with a wide range of companies, blogs & individuals, including:

                                        …and more!

*Denotes companies worked with on more than one occasion or an ongoing partnership.

R.K.C. Southern accepts up to FOUR sponsored posts per calendar month.*
Deliverables include:
  1. One dedicated post including at least 5 images promoting your product(s) on this blog.
  2. Promotion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (one posting per platform, you choose the time/day, if preferred).
  3. Turnover in as little as 5 business days, or schedule up to 90 days in advance.
If you think your product would be the perfect fit for the RKC Southern demographic use the contact form below to discuss collaboration. I would love to hear from you!

  If you are interested in purchasing advertising space on the right-hand side-bar of this blog, please submit a link to the site you wish to advertise in the contact form above, as well as a few lines about why you would like to advertise; What about your site or product makes it a good fit for R.K.C. Southern readers?
Current rates for square side-bar ads displayed below the fold are as follows:
1 Month (31 consecutive days) $75
2 Months (60 consecutive days) $130
3 Months (90 consecutive days) $215
*Terms and Conditions:
Please note that side-bar ad space is limited and is subject to approval. 
Not all submissions are guaranteed acceptance.
Ad rates are subject to change but are locked in for the duration of your paid term.
If your ad is accepted and a lease term agreed upon you will receive a PayPal invoice or Venmo payment request that must be paid within 24 hours. Failure to pay in full within 24 hours terminates any previously agreed upon deliverables to be fulfilled by me (Rachel Christian), this blog at, or any of it’s affiliated social media accounts.