Taking Draper James to France on July 4th

Retro Inspired Independence Day Shoot

It’s truly incredible how much our young country has been through after 241 years in existence. Much has impacted our current trajectory, and while most of it is our own doing, we would not be who we are without the support and loyalty of our allies. Through all of our growing pains the people and country of France have been there for us, from acknowledging our sovereignty and becoming a military ally in our fight for British independence, to gifting us our beautiful Lady Liberty over 100 years later. We would not be who were are if it were not for France.  I wanted to do a little something different than most blogger’s annual July 4th inspired outfit post, so I hope you enjoy this little French-inspired look on America’s birthday!

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Blue Tassel Earrings & Red Lipstick

Happy long, Independence Day weekend, y’all! I’m so excited to bring you my first ever outfit post where I didn’t take all the photos of myself with a timer and a tripod! 🙂 This shoot was pretty impromptu to be honest though… My husband has been away on a long business trip and he got back in Friday morning so we took the opportunity to (finally) go on a (very) late 6th Anniversary date. We went downtown to the Broadway area of Nashville and had the most delicious, Southern food at Stillery, followed up with Mike’s ice cream, and some live music on the row.

Red, White, Blue Nasvhille Street Style for July 4th Weekend

The weather was perfect for a day of strolling about lazily and enjoying each other’s company.

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Best Gluten Free Peach Cobbler Recipe Ever

Earlier this week I was in Wal-Mart and realized it would be very un-American of me not to bake something traditional and sweet for the July 4th weekend to go along with our hotdogs, beer and fireworks! I immediately turned to Pinterest to search ‘peach cobbler’ recipes and was frustrated by the amount of sugar and cream cheese needed for such a simple dessert. Next, I searched ‘organic’, and then ‘gluten free’ peach cobbler and was even more disappointed. I needed a recipe that had ingredients available at Wal-Mart! I finally landed on Rachel Schultz’s blog and found her super simple peach cobbler recipe. With a few tweaks I came up with the recipe below. I wanted something simple, healthy (i.e. not too guilt inducing), and refreshing that still had that feel-good, Southern American deliciousness to it. My peach cobbler version has been approved by two, Alabama raised men (my husband and brother-in-law), so it’s safe to say it met everyone’s expectations!

gluten free peach cobbler recipe

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