Working Girl

In this day and age no woman carries just one title. The 2017 woman is a working girl 24/7. She has a 9-5, she’s a mom, she’s a student, she owns her own business, she supports others and is involved in her community. She travels to places she’s never been, moves her family across the country, the state, or the world. She has a wide range of experience, a diverse pool of friends and an ever-growing knowledge base because more opportunities than ever are available to her.

Working Girl

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5 Things Friday // Spring Fashion Trend Forecast

Since today is the first day of Spring I thought I’d do a special ‘5 Things Friday’ and talk about the fashion trend forecast for this season! Obviously some things like pastels and floral prints are always in, but the street style I’ve noticed trending where I live has a little grunge element that I’m actually really loving. I’m also noticing some 90s-mid 00s trends like flare leg denim and backpack purses coming back into style! I’m not going to lie… I still have some flares from the mid 00s that I’ve been dying to resurrect.

5 Spring Fashion Trends in 2015 #SpringFashionForecast.

The 5 trends I’m most excited about this Spring are…

FLARE LEG JEANS (bonus points if they’re also distressed)

LILAC HANDBAGS (bonus points if it’s a backpack)

SEA SALT SPRAYED HAIR (for any  length hair)

POWDER BLUE COATS (knee length, simple lines, duster style)

DISTRESSED DENIM (bonus points if they’re flare leg jeans)