4th of July Chicken Biscuit Bombers Recipe

Easy Southern Chicken Biscuit Bombers for July 4th

I don’t know about you but I always seem to have less time on my hands as Summer progresses! I seriously started thinking about my 4th of July plans and menu less than a week ago and now I’m scrambling to play catch-up before the weekend! Innovation is usually born of necessity and this recipe is no exception! This flavor-packed twist on the classic Southern Chicken Biscuit staple is sure to be a favorite with grown-ups as well as kids (and especially you Mamas and hostesses!) because it’s ridiculously easy to throw together! Grab the ingredients from the nearest Kroger or Walmart, give yourself about 30 minutes for prep + bake time, and you’re DONE!

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5 Things I Love: The New Huntsville Alabama Edition

I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. I lived there from 1989 – 2010 when I got married and moved away with my husband. Between 2010 and 2011 I probably visited Huntsville 2-3 times to see family. In April 2011, when I moved from Kentucky to Germany I had no idea it would be 4 years before I would see anything in Huntsville outside of our families houses. During those 4 years Huntsville simply exploded. The city planners expanded everything in every direction creating many new jobs and the opportunity for local businesses to really flourish with the influx of a younger generation growing into their own. Since moving from Germany to Nashville, TN two weeks ago I’ve been back to Huntsville several times (It’s only 2-ish hours away!) and have had the chance to truly see how much it has changed. Along with the awful amount of traffic down highway 72 there has been an equal flood of re-imagining those classics which make the South what it is.

These are 5 things which are ‘new’ to Huntsville since 2011 but are still in keeping with it’s traditions and charm.

5 things huntsville alabama edition

[Photos 1 & 2] In the South food is a way of communication. We call it soul food for a reason. One would think that ‘gluten free’ would be a death sentence on the types of foods you’ll find in the South. However, Gigi’s Cupcakes, and the new, Mason Dixon all Gluten Free bakery would tell you otherwise. If you don’t like gluten free foods than you’ve been eating the wrong kinds! Go into Gigi’s and ask for one of their GF Peanut Butter Torte cupcakes or (if you’re feeling a bit more peckish) literally any of the items on Mason Dixon’s Bistro menu. You may just realize why people rave over the GF lifestyle! (It’s really the best kept foodie secret around!)

[Photo 3] While living in Europe I realized food trucks have the best food of anyplace in any town no matter where you are. This is where the true local flavors can be found. So imagine my excitement when I read a few days ago that Pinhook Provisions is planning a food truck park for Huntsville to open soon! You may be surprised to learn Huntsville has an extensive food truck roster. I know people (including myself) who will be more excited about the new food truck park than the 2nd Target going up across town (another improvement implemented while I was gone!).

[Photos 4 & 5] The owners of Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co., Caleb and Brigette Christopher, are childhood acquaintances of mine who also grew up in Huntsville. They’ve somehow managed to completely recreate the one thing all Southerners never go a day without… sweet tea! Essentially reinventing the wheel on sweetened tea at Piper & Leaf’s Lowe Mill shop you can find exquisitely modern tea blends accompanied by comforting names and scents. Even Southern Living magazine is obsessed with their tea!

[Photos 6 & 7] Huntsville isn’t traditionally realized as a hub for the arts (although it does have a long, rich history of supporting them) but in the last few years artists are actually seeking Huntsville out as a stop on their tours. One of the reasons for this sudden interest are the expanding venue options. Artists can perform at Concerts in the Park, Lowe Mill’s Concerts on the Dock (thousands attend this event every week!), and Humphrey’s, which is a darling brunch-by-day-pub-by-night hipster hotspot located in a distressed brick building in the historic part of downtown.

One band I had the pleasure of hearing live at Humphrey’s outdoor patio stage were the Forlorn Strangers; A Nashville based band currently in the middle of a multi-State tour. I have to tell you a little about the Forlorn Strangers. Hannah and Abigail are the daughters of a dear family friend whom my parents met in Germany when they were stationed there with the U.S. Air Force 30+ years ago! The day the Forlorn Strangers came to town for their appearance they stayed with my Mum and Dad and we swapped stories we’d heard growing up about our parents when they were our ages! It reminded me of all the reasons I will always claim Huntsville as my home.

What do you like best about your home town? Is it still the same place it was when you were a child or has it changed for the better? Or worse? If you could improve one thing about your childhood city what would it be?

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