A Date at Belle Meade Plantation

This week we had our 7th Anniversary💖 It’s been a crazy couple of years since moving to Nashville and it’s even crazier to realize “we” have only 1 year of law school left!🎓 This week we tried to make up for a lot of lost time hanging out together and just enjoy living in Nashville.🎻 We went on a little day date to Belle Meade Plantation for a guided tour and wander around the grounds.🏰 Just an FYI to you ladies, the entire experience is a small enough amount of walking to still be able to wear some chunky heel pumps or wedges, I discovered (in relief)

A Day at Belle Meade Plantation

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2 Year WordPress Anniversary!

2 year WordPress Blog Anniversary

After 2 months of research I made the big move from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress sight and 2 years later I’m so glad I did! While hosting my own site has it’s special set of challenges, it feels amazing to be able to focus on CONTENT and less on tweaking my site. I have to thank Blogger for all the coding I learned though, because it sparked my interest and led me to choose coding as my main course of study in Uni! I have learned SO much about running a blog in the last two years and have enjoyed growing, even through the tough moments! To celebrate this 2 year Blogaversary I’m sharing a few blog-related facts you may not know about me!

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Red, White & Blue Chicken Salad Recipe

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays, so I always have a huge menu, decorate my house and plan my outfit weeks in advance. Having been blessed with a long family military history, and being a Kennedy, means the patriotic blood runs strong through my veins! It’s so bad I actually start tearing up literally any time I see an American flag! Anyway, one of my favorite Summer dishes to make is chicken salad, and since this will be on my July 4th menu, it gets a makeover with a patriotic name (plus, it actually is red, white and blue!).

Patriotic, Red, White & Blue Classic Chicken Salad Recipe

To make this chicken salad you will need:

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5 Year Blogaversary : Thanks, Y’all!

Glitter & Bow is coming up on its 5 year anniversary in mid September, and I usually wait till that annual date to do a Blogaversary post, but I discovered something yesterday…
Every few months or so I like to add up all my subscribers across the G&B social media platforms, {Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.} to update my media kit, and was totally floored to discover I’ve surpassed the 10k mark! You guys are awesome and I wouldn’t have the passion to do what I do without your sweet comments, enthusiasm and amazing feedback.
I’ve learned so much about myself through blogging since 2009. Including my ever-changing tastes, better photography skills, communication, creative writing and finding my niche of expertise on the internet! It’s been an eye-opening experience and I hope to continue growing and expanding as I learn more about cultivating an effective and informative online presence.
Thank you for making Glitter & Bow part of your newsfeed! 

With Love, Rachel