4th of July Chicken Biscuit Bombers Recipe

Easy Southern Chicken Biscuit Bombers for July 4th

I don’t know about you but I always seem to have less time on my hands as Summer progresses! I seriously started thinking about my 4th of July plans and menu less than a week ago and now I’m scrambling to play catch-up before the weekend! Innovation is usually born of necessity and this recipe is no exception! This flavor-packed twist on the classic Southern Chicken Biscuit staple is sure to be a favorite with grown-ups as well as kids (and especially you Mamas and hostesses!) because it’s ridiculously easy to throw together! Grab the ingredients from the nearest Kroger or Walmart, give yourself about 30 minutes for prep + bake time, and you’re DONE!

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Baked Apple Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Roasted Apple Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I’ve been trying my darndest to add more cruciferous vegetables to my diet, but as a Southerner it’s imperative my food not be bland, so it’s been an adventure to produce dishes that not only taste good, but retain their health integrity! Another nutrition goal I have is to include as many macro nutrients in each meal as possible to make sure I’m eating enough of the right kinds of food. This Brussels Sprouts dish is not only flavorful but is also packed with protein, fiber, and the healthy kind of carbs and calories!

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