How to grow and maintain, long, thick, healthy lashes!

I’ve always been pretty lucky to have healthy lashes, but after having lash extensions for 9 months  they just didn’t look as luscious as before! I loved having lash extensions, but they’re a lot of work to maintain and after a while it just didn’t feel worth it to me anymore. I’m horrible at applying false lashes though, and my last resort for having the voluminous, wispy, glamorous lashes of my dreams, was growing them myself! I employed the following three steps for growing out my lashes and am so happy with the results I had to share my secrets!

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How I Do 10 Minute Non-Surgical Face Lifts AT HOME!

10 Minute DIY Face Lift Tutorial // Facial Cupping

I’m a natural skeptic. I’ve lived a little too long to believe in miracle ‘creams,’ ‘treatments’ and ‘pills’… I believe real results are achieved through hard work and science. There’s a reason some things work and others don’t. When you give your body what it needs you can expect it to respond in a pleasing way! Eat a balanced diet, don’t starve yourself, get some exercise, make sure you have healthy blood flow — all of this is common sense. All that being said, I’m still not sure why I was surprised when this thousands of years old technique WORKED on ME! What I’m about to show you is something I’ve been doing 2x per week, 10 minutes each time, for the last 5 weeks. All you need to do is scroll back through some of my older posts and see the difference in my facial structure between then and now. It’s ridiculous. I haven’t gained or lost any weight. I haven’t changed my eating or exercise habits. The only change is this simple, $30, at-home FACE LIFTING technique!

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