June Favorites (Best Office Bag EVER!)

Rachel's June Favorites Round-Up

I don’t always post a favorites blog every month… but when I do it’s full of fabulous finds! (LOL I couldn’t resist the meme reference!). Today’s round-up is comprised of 6 products I’ve been telling everyone about lately because they are almost too good to be true, but aren’t! I always trust bloggers who actually buy and use products themselves over simply rounding up photos of things just for the commission. While I’m all about making commissions, that’s now why I blog — so if I haven’t actually tried something, but I post a link to it on my blog or social media, I will always explain WHY! I hope you enjoy learning about my June favorites as much as I have enjoyed using them!

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How To Get Realistic Looking Plump Lips Using Matte Lipstick

This “over-lined”, “Kylie Jenner Lip” trend has taken the makeup world by storm. You’ve probably seen dozens of complicated tutorials that included expensive makeups, an hour of mirror time to apply, and a level of expertise most of us only ever dream of achieving. Another thing that really annoys me about these lip over-lining tutorials is the utter fake looking lips they produce. I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty… not be used to completely disguise yourself! With that being said sometimes I do like my lips to look full and luscious. In honor of National Lipstick Day I’m sharing my tricks for creating realistic looking plump lips. If you’re not blessed with delicious lips, are terrible at applying makeup, are too lazy to do all the steps required for this look, or are on a bit of a budget, than this tutorial is for you!

the plump lip trick for lazy girls

There are just a couple of really simple ‘tricks’ to making your lips look fuller NATURALLY.

Use the images above as a visual guide to the text directions listed below:

  1. Choose a lipstick color between your natural lip shade and your natural skin tone. A pink-nude works best.
  2. Use a matte or cream-to-matte lipstick (I will list the products I used in the photos at the end)
  3. Use a liner a shade darker than your natural lip color to draw a line just outside your natural lip. Start on the inner corner of your cupid’s bow and draw down about 2/3 of the way to the corner crease of your mouth (Image 1, top left).
  4. Repeat on the other side of your upper lip.
  5. Use the liner to draw a soft line in 3/4 of the center of your lip (image 2, top right).
  6. Do NOT connect the liner on your top and bottom lips at the creases of your mouth.
  7. Use your matte lipstick and gently apply color, pushing all the way to the edges of your lip liner.
  8. Stretch your mouth into a smile and press a second layer of lipstick into the creases of your lips. This really amps up the plumpness (Images 2-3, center). Marilyn Monroe was said to have applied 6+ layers of lipstick at a time while smiling to achieve fuller looking lips.
  9. At this point you can simply do 2-3 layers of the matte lipstick on your lips, pressing to the edges of the liner each time, and be finished! Use a Q-tip to gently blend the layers of lipstick and liner if any of the liner is still showing. If you used a liner the exact shade as your lipstick then skip this step.
  10. I like to layer on a matte cream to blend the lipstick layers and liner. Brush the matte cream all the way over the very edge of the liner to blend (Last image, bottom right).

the plump lip trick for lazy girls

See, that wasn’t so hard! Since you’re not completely drawing on a whole new lip, but simply using the outer edge of your own lip to create a guide, you don’t have clownish lips you have to continually touch up all day. You’ll also still look like YOU when you wipe this off at the end of the day! But you’ll look hella’ fierce in some selfies before then! Plus, matte lipsticks will last FOREVER. The kind I use will typically even last through a meal.

Products used in this tutorial:

  • NYX lip liner pencil in 849 beige $3.49
  • NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS33 Spirit $5.99
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in SMLc15 Athens $5.99 (‘Antwerp’ is also a very similar shade) 

I bought all of these products at Ulta, but I’ve seen them on Amazon.com and at Target as well.

So what did you think? Was this tutorial less fussy and expensive than the ones you’ve seen before? I hope this inspired you lazy girls, or girls who never wear makeup, to try the ‘Kylie’ lip trend on a realistic/every-day level!

the plump lip trick for lazy girls