2 Year WordPress Anniversary!

2 year WordPress Blog Anniversary

After 2 months of research I made the big move from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress sight and 2 years later I’m so glad I did! While hosting my own site has it’s special set of challenges, it feels amazing to be able to focus on CONTENT and less on tweaking my site. I have to thank Blogger for all the coding I learned though, because it sparked my interest and led me to choose coding as my main course of study in Uni! I have learned SO much about running a blog in the last two years and have enjoyed growing, even through the tough moments! To celebrate this 2 year Blogaversary I’m sharing a few blog-related facts you may not know about me!

  1. I’ve had 5 different blog names since 2009! (Bello Bene, Amphoria Bello, Glitter & Bow, My DIY Life, and now, RKC Southern!)
  2. RKC Southern stands for my initials, Rachel Kennedy-Christian (my first, maiden and married names!) + an ode to my upbringing and my mother’s heritage as a dyed-in-the-wool Southern lady!
  3. The 3 blog posts I spent the LEAST amount of time on were the ones to go viral (Example: If you search “Don’t Kill My Vibe” on Google my design is the FIRST image to show up! HERE. The image is all over Pinterest but my initial pin from the blog post where I first published the image has been RT’d 94k times and counting! I created that design on a whim in 5 minutes.)
  4. Until about 2 months ago I shot ALL my photos with an Android smartphone camera and edited them online with PicMonkey!
  5. I met my now best friend through an online blogging class and we both moved to Nashville within months of each other!
  6. Because I lived in Germany for 5 of the 8 years I’ve been blogging my blog has been featured on more European sites and publications than American ones.
  7. I’ve been  asked my growth strategy for gaining a Pinterest following and my numbers are only where they are because I started using Pinterest when they were in Beta testing! There weren’t many pinners to follow when I was invited to join so everyone was just following the only accounts that existed! 
  8. I don’t plan non-sponsored content/posts out more than a month in advance. The truth is I just don’t get inspired until the last minute, so when I do, I run with it! For example I realized two days ago that it was my 2 year WP anniversary and decided to write about it this morning!
  9. My blog revenue pays for my designer handbag and shoe addiction but I’ve NEVER paid retail for any of it. I wait for sales, save up, and buy 90% of my luxury collection second hand.
  10. 75% of my blog content and videos are shot between 6pm and Midnight! I get most inspired and fired up to work at night, which is why I’ve invested in some good lighting equipment!

I’m also sharing some of the blogging must-haves that I’ve discovered along the way with you today! I use most of these items every time I’m prepping a post:


10 Tutorials & Resources Every Blogger Needs To Bookmark

Since beginning blogging in 2009 I’ve had to learn a lot about blogging the hard way. Over half of my blogging was done before Pinterest or Instagram existed, which means I missed out on a lot of easy-to-access information, tutorials and resources now available to bloggers. Lots of these things I figured out on my own, but it all would have been easier, and faster, if I’d had a few pointers! With this in mind, I started a Pinterest board with resources that I think every beginner/intermediate, DIY or craft blogger should have bookmarked on their browser, or pinned on Pinterest. Below I’ve listed my top 10 (so far!) favorite, FREE resources from that board that have been immensely useful to me as a DIY blogger.

10 Resources & Tutorials Every Blogger Needs To Bookmark

  1. 4 Things You Must Do To Your Blog Images
  2. How to Create a Text Mask in PicMonkey
  3. How to Transfer Art or Lettering to Photoshop
  4. 3 Tips for Taking Better Instagram Photos
  5. 10 Free Fonts with the Best Ampersands
  6. SEO for Bloggers: The Quick & Dirty
  7. 11 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs MailChimp
  8. 30+ Websites with FREE Stock Photos
  9. How to Know if Someone is Using Your Images Online
  10. How to Take Brighter Photos for Your Blog

The tutorials above merely scratch the surface on the wealth of information out there for any type of blogging conundrum you will come up against when starting a blog, or trying to take your blog to the next level. Anytime I am losing inspiration, or just want basic info, like the best WordPress plug in for a widget on my side bar, I ‘Google’ it on Pinterest. Dozens of articles on any subject you could wish to learn about will come up. One little tip for weeding through the click bait links, and finding the good stuff, is to choose the Pins with the most likes or re-pins to read first. This way you know it’s considered good info by a lot of people.

If you want to see all my best tips and resources for blogging, peruse my Pinterest board below.

Follow Rachel @ MyDIY.life’s board Blogging + Graphic Design on Pinterest.

I also frequently post freebie resources for fonts and graphics to this board too, so it’s a one-stop-shop for all your blogging needs!

If you’re a blogger, what were the tips and tricks you would share with a beginner blogger? I’d love to hear your advice!