Wine Cork DIY Decor

We’ve all seen the Pinterest and blogger obsession with wine cork based DIY projects. Most of them are quite good ideas, but if you don’t drink enough to corked beverages to amass the amount of corks needed for any of these projects, please do not be one of those people who goes out and buys a bag of corks from Michael’s. Just don’t. However, if you love the idea of cork decor, but don’t have enough for a large project (i.e. you’re not an alcoholic), than this DIY is for you!

DIY cork craft7

diy cork art

For this DIY you will need:

  • 12 oz. square jar
  • 20-25 corks
  • 2-3 large, faux bloom flower stems
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • wide ribbon

DIY cork art2

Start by placing the corks in your jar, packing them as tightly as you can.

DIY cork craft3

Create two layers of corks, one atop the other, until your entire jar is full to the rim.

DIY cork craft8

Measure about 4 ft. of ribbon and wrap around the top half of the jar, glueing down to secure. Tie a bow to finish off.

DIY cork craft4

Cut your flower stems down to about 4″ and push each one in between the corks to arrange.

DIY cork craft5

Voila! All done! Easy, chic, and didn’t cost a fortune — except for all that champagne you drank to make this! Small price to pay, right? 😉

DIY cork craft6

If you make this DIY don’t forget to share it and tag me on Instagram! I love seeing how creative y’all are! #MDLdiy 🙂

Styling a Statement Blazer with Shabby Apple

A few months ago Shabby Apple asked if they could send me a piece from their Summer collection to review. Of course I was thrilled and chose the Jackson Jacket. The Jackson Jacket is a little more bold, pattern-wise, than I usually go for, but I wanted the little challenge of styling it in a completely different way than was portrayed on the model. This jacket instantly evokes visions of 1960s housewives in bouffant hair and an apron (which I love!), but versatility is the life of any well-trimmed wardrobe, and I wanted to see where this jacket would fit in my own style.

Below is the Jackson jacket on the Shabby Apple model:

Jackson Jacket Shabby Apple

You get what I mean about the retro housewife vibe, right? Very Betty Draper!

My vision for styling the Jackson jacket was 1.) Modern & 2.) Casual. This is what I came up with:

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

When styling a statement piece with a distinct vibe make sure the color palette lends to the style you want to create. I wanted to move away from 1960s, towards 2015 so I chose crisp white and deep blue, which compliment the jacket’s pattern.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

Since this jacket has a lot going on (like the polka dots and the shoulder bow) I couldn’t introduce any new patterns into the mix. Let the polka dot madness shine!

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

When choosing accessories I stuck with one accent metal (rose gold) and implemented that from the simple and modern cross body, all the way down to the hardware on my wedge shoes.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

I opted for two, very simple, classic pieces of jewelry by Loren Hope (c/o Rocksbox), who is also known for her clean, modern take on traditionalism. An arm cuff and a pair of studs in the same clear crystal stone added a little sparkle. I chose not to wear a necklace as the shoulder bow on the Jackson jacket is neck ornamentation enough. Anything more would be overwhelming to the outfit. Depending on the specifics of the statement jacket you are styling you may choose to wear a necklace, but opt out of a bracelet, because your jacket is sporting gorgeous ruffles around the wrist. See what I mean? It’s all about working with the jacket to show off it’s best assets.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

There were definitely many elements about this jacket I loved, including the high quality fabric and stunning tailored cut. I also liked the comfortable arm length, which hit just above the elbow, making it acceptable for Spring or Summer wear despite the humid Nashville weather I’ve been experiencing!

I’m normally not a fan of mirror selfies in my outfit blog posts but I had no one around to help me with these so here you go! At least you get the idea of the whole look styled in person.

Shabby Apple Jackson jacket

Shop the Jackson jacket (on sale now!) and get an additional 20% off with code AUGUST.

So what did you think? Were these helpful tips for styling a statement jacket or blazer? Let me know your favorite ways to wear statement pieces and check out more of my favorite Shabby Apple pieces on Pinterest!

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Jackson jacket c/o Shabby Apple. All opinions are my own.

Dress Your Tech Inspired By Kate Spade

I have a slight obsession with making tech wallpapers, so forgive me when that’s every other post you see on this blog for a while! Upside? I always share them with you for FREE!

This one is (you guessed it) Kate Spade inspired!
< Click HERE for the full size >
Optimized for screens 1080×1920
In other news: It is SPRING BREAK(!!!) for me and I am really enjoying the time off from school.
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Dress Your Tech! 4 Free Glittery Wallpapers

I cannot believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since the last time I posted anything here! To say I’m sorry, and to let you all know I haven’t disappeared, I have created some fun phone wallpapers with my namesake icon! Also, let me just say… HELLO March! I am so happy to see you! Just 3 weeks till Spring is officially here.
Please feel free to pin the image above if you want to spread the glittery bow love!
To download these wall papers click the links below:

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Diy Gift Wrapping Center!

This year I am DIY-ing as much of my decor and gifts as possible because I just enjoy giving and receiving hand made items… I really think more thought goes into handing someone something you spent a great deal of time and love on… that being said I wanted to share with you all my favorite free printables and tutorials I’ve used for wrapping some of these gifts! Hope you enjoy!
Let’s start with the perfect bow…

Here’s a paper version I love also from Zu blog

The 60s vibe of this bright, bold green print remind me of some that Anthropologie carry. Get yours HERE (This particular print is #11 but there are at least 20+ patterns to choose from — all free!)
I’m also head over heels for this French inspired paper also by Zu blog
This is a very inexpensive way to dress up some cheap brown paper from Wedding Chicks. Use whatever color glitter you like for the Holidays and any occasion beyond! I’d love to see this with gold+pink+red glitter dots on a Valentine’s day gift!
 UH-dorable woodland animal rustic style gift tags by Lia Griffith
Glitter clothes pin gift toppers by Creature Comforts
Click HERE for 40 more free gift tag + wrapping paper printables!
Merry Christmas!

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