As of Late {On Instagram}…

As of Late {On Instagram} |

Instead of doing weekly Instagram round-ups this month I decided to do an end-of-the-month round-up and talk about my July faves at the same time!

{This post contains affiliate links to items I’ve purchased — this means if you like the product as much as I did, and buy it, I may get a thank you commission from the company — which is nice for them because I’ll most likely turn around and spend that $ on their site!}

{Above} Prosecco Mimosas with my best friend while we binge-watched through the Netflix show, “Stranger Things!” Have you seen that show yet? If so, what did you think?

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Blush, Black & Gold NYE Party

I love creating mock tableaus for inspiration when I’m planning a party. Even if I end up changing my outfit or party table layout, making a ‘practice’ run always gets my creative juices flowing! Today I’m sharing with you a little NYE party decor and outfit inspiration I shot last weekend at my house. Scroll to the end of the post for details on where I found all the pieces for the entire look. I hope you enjoy!

Scream Queens inspired NYE table and outfit

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Wine Cork DIY Decor

We’ve all seen the Pinterest and blogger obsession with wine cork based DIY projects. Most of them are quite good ideas, but if you don’t drink enough to corked beverages to amass the amount of corks needed for any of these projects, please do not be one of those people who goes out and buys a bag of corks from Michael’s. Just don’t. However, if you love the idea of cork decor, but don’t have enough for a large project (i.e. you’re not an alcoholic), than this DIY is for you!

DIY cork craft7

diy cork art

For this DIY you will need:

  • 12 oz. square jar
  • 20-25 corks
  • 2-3 large, faux bloom flower stems
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • wide ribbon

DIY cork art2

Start by placing the corks in your jar, packing them as tightly as you can.

DIY cork craft3

Create two layers of corks, one atop the other, until your entire jar is full to the rim.

DIY cork craft8

Measure about 4 ft. of ribbon and wrap around the top half of the jar, glueing down to secure. Tie a bow to finish off.

DIY cork craft4

Cut your flower stems down to about 4″ and push each one in between the corks to arrange.

DIY cork craft5

Voila! All done! Easy, chic, and didn’t cost a fortune — except for all that champagne you drank to make this! Small price to pay, right? 😉

DIY cork craft6

If you make this DIY don’t forget to share it and tag me on Instagram! I love seeing how creative y’all are! #MDLdiy 🙂

Snapshots of My Holiday / 2012

As many of you are certainly aware (I didn’t stop talking about it!), I went to my hometown in America for the Holidays! It was so wonderful to see all my friends and family again and attend my husband’s little sister’s wedding. She was a beautiful bride and it was amazing how much love you could feel during the entire ceremony and super fun reception! I also had the pleasure of attending a baby shower for one of my childhood friends (she’s naming her baby ‘Evelyn’ – how romantic is that?!)
Here are a few of my favorite photos from those 10 days plus a few from NYE once the hubby and I finally made it back to Germany. XO Rachel

// Helping with wedding prep //
// Sparkly Christmas Wishes + Party Makeup + J. Crew finds //
// Sitting next to the beautiful bride + about to open Christmas gifts! //
// Christmas decor at my in-laws house + Sunday outfit + Yay I wasn’t on the naughty list! //
// I wanted to sleep in my new super soft J.Crew tartan button down! + After Christmas sales shopping finds + One of my favorite traditions: Christmas pajamas //
// Trying out my new Benefit makeup – I love how luminous it makes my skin! //
// Bride & Groom at the wedding rehearsal //
// Getting ready //
// Me with the beautiful bride! //
// The Bride’s to-die-for brooch bouquet made by Kristin Christian (She does custom work! Contact her via Etsy) //
 // SERIOUS case of baby fever after my friend’s baby shower – because ALL my other friends had their babies and there was just too much cuteness to handle! //
// My cousin and I goofing off in the photo booth at the wedding reception! //
// Champagne toasts before the new year + At Milch Bar + Fireworks! + Midnight kiss with my love //
I promise photos from the wedding after the Bride has gotten to post the ones she wants online — I don’t want to take that moment from her!