Room To Wear // A Decorated Space Imagined into an Outfit

When I encounter a truly beautiful space my mind immediate jumps to imagining each element as a piece in a carefully curated outfit. I like to imagine a space translated to clothing because fashion is one of the primary ways I express creativity, and dissecting each element of a space almost gives me insight into the intended impact that space was meant to have on the inhabitant.

dezeen magazine Munich

{A beautiful coffee shop featured in Dezeen magazine, Munich, Germany}

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COFFEE FIRST Sequin Sweatshirts // SS16 Collection

Since 2011 I’ve been creating sequin embellished apparel (see herehere & here!) and selling my designs since 2014 (see here & here!). I’ve always had a special place in my heart for sequins! Last year, in October, I released my first all-sequin embellished line of short-sleeve sweatshirts to the public! The most popular design was the “Coffee First” sweatshirt and was sold out before I even uploaded them to my online boutique! I had people texting, e-mailing, PM-ing, Tweeting and Instagram-ing me, BEGGING to buy the sweatshirt after I posted the first teaser image on Instagram! Because of that incredible popularity (and the countless inquiries I’ve received since!) I decided to release the Coffee First 2.0 just in time for Spring!

Coffee First Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

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