Styling a Statement Blazer with Shabby Apple

A few months ago Shabby Apple asked if they could send me a piece from their Summer collection to review. Of course I was thrilled and chose the Jackson Jacket. The Jackson Jacket is a little more bold, pattern-wise, than I usually go for, but I wanted the little challenge of styling it in a completely different way than was portrayed on the model. This jacket instantly evokes visions of 1960s housewives in bouffant hair and an apron (which I love!), but versatility is the life of any well-trimmed wardrobe, and I wanted to see where this jacket would fit in my own style.

Below is the Jackson jacket on the Shabby Apple model:

Jackson Jacket Shabby Apple

You get what I mean about the retro housewife vibe, right? Very Betty Draper!

My vision for styling the Jackson jacket was 1.) Modern & 2.) Casual. This is what I came up with:

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

When styling a statement piece with a distinct vibe make sure the color palette lends to the style you want to create. I wanted to move away from 1960s, towards 2015 so I chose crisp white and deep blue, which compliment the jacket’s pattern.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

Since this jacket has a lot going on (like the polka dots and the shoulder bow) I couldn’t introduce any new patterns into the mix. Let the polka dot madness shine!

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

When choosing accessories I stuck with one accent metal (rose gold) and implemented that from the simple and modern cross body, all the way down to the hardware on my wedge shoes.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

I opted for two, very simple, classic pieces of jewelry by Loren Hope (c/o Rocksbox), who is also known for her clean, modern take on traditionalism. An arm cuff and a pair of studs in the same clear crystal stone added a little sparkle. I chose not to wear a necklace as the shoulder bow on the Jackson jacket is neck ornamentation enough. Anything more would be overwhelming to the outfit. Depending on the specifics of the statement jacket you are styling you may choose to wear a necklace, but opt out of a bracelet, because your jacket is sporting gorgeous ruffles around the wrist. See what I mean? It’s all about working with the jacket to show off it’s best assets.

Shabby Apple Jackson Jacket

There were definitely many elements about this jacket I loved, including the high quality fabric and stunning tailored cut. I also liked the comfortable arm length, which hit just above the elbow, making it acceptable for Spring or Summer wear despite the humid Nashville weather I’ve been experiencing!

I’m normally not a fan of mirror selfies in my outfit blog posts but I had no one around to help me with these so here you go! At least you get the idea of the whole look styled in person.

Shabby Apple Jackson jacket

Shop the Jackson jacket (on sale now!) and get an additional 20% off with code AUGUST.

So what did you think? Were these helpful tips for styling a statement jacket or blazer? Let me know your favorite ways to wear statement pieces and check out more of my favorite Shabby Apple pieces on Pinterest!

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Jackson jacket c/o Shabby Apple. All opinions are my own.

Styling a Graphic Tee

Ya’ll have probably realized from all my social media postings that I’m not a ‘casual’ person. I legitimately do not know how to dress something down. My version of dressed down always gets me questions like, ‘did you just come from a wedding?’ No. No, I did not. But the ironic thing about my style is that I LOVE tee-shirts and I have dozens of them. I wear them almost every day, but I add baubles, lipstick and heels! Today I’m showing you how I style up something simple like a classic graphic tee.

The tee in these photos was sent to me by the lovely Katie from Sass & Cloth. All of Katie’s tees feature sassy sayings and catchy quotes. My favorite tee is the one you’ll see in this article. It has a quote from one of my favorite TV shows! I’m highlighting this tee on the NEW silver sequin hangers available in my Etsy shop. I’ve had so many requests over the years for silver sequins and I finally made it happen. Thank you for your patience!

how to dress up a graphic tee

how to dress up a graphic tee

how to dress up a graphic tee

The thing I love best about a simple, black and white tee is that you can pair it with literally any style or color combo.

how to dress up a graphic tee

how to dress up a graphic tee

Shop more hangers HERE.

how to dress up a graphic tee

Shop the Mommy & Me sequin hanger 2-pack HERE.

how to dress up a graphic tee

Shop more of Katie’s tees HERE.

+++ One little note about the fit of the tee+++ They do run small/slim cut. I wear a size 6-8 in almost everything and had to choose a size XL in the tee for my boobs to fit without stretching the wording. Just be aware of that when ordering 🙂

how to dress up a graphic tee

Items shown in photos:

Gold sequin hanger HERE Use code ‘thankyou10’ for 10% off your first order!

Silver sequin hanger HERE

Black Shoes (similar) HERE

Valentino shoes (similar) HERE

Lavender Bag (sold out – similar) HERE

Necklace (old Anthropologie)

Skirt (old – similar) HERE

Earrings c/o (similar) HERE Use code ‘mydiylifexoxo’ to get your 1st box FREE!

Graphic Tee c/o Sass & Cloth HERE agenda review & a coupon code!

For years I’ve created my own agendas and planners with Adobe Illustrator because I could never find exactly what I was looking for anywhere else. I combed every stationary shop and online store I could think of looking for the perfect planner until I finally gave up. I wasn’t even interested in purchasing a planner or agenda till one day this past April I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a post by @shopbando advertising their new line of agendas. I will admit the bright ‘florabunda’ pattern caught my eye instantly and I clicked through to their site for a better peek.

I was instantly hooked. The size and layout of the agenda was exactly like the planners I’d been making for several years. …but their planner was bound and came with STICKERS!!! I’m a sticker hoarder. I still have Justin Beiber stickers from around 2008 my friend Ashley gave me as a joke. Tell me stickers are involved and I’m there.

At the time I ordered my planner there was a waiting list, so I knew the planner wouldn’t ship till about 6 weeks later. It did end up arriving a bit early though, which was nice. However the pages don’t start till August (beginning of school-ish time, which makes sense), so I haven’t actually used it yet except for putting in a few notes (like for upcoming birthdays).

I had actually never visited the website till I ordered that planner. I liked looking at their newsfeed on my Instagram because it’s pretty and colorful and reminds me of that Sofia Coppola movie about Marie Antoinette. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of fabulousness I encountered there! I don’t know if it’s a recent thing, or they’ve been doing this for a while, but they have a *freebies* section on their website, and it’s everything you could hope for!


(image via I will admit that I’ve ordered two of the sticker books and both large sticky note pads. OMG doesn’t even being to describe it.

Click HERE for’s freebie desktop wallpaper selection. Can you guess which is my fave? (You got it! The florabunda, obvs!). In addition to tech wallpapers, they have an adorable free font, and a #girlgang membership card! This stuff is so gloriously 90s middle school I. can’t. even. If you’re dying to get your hands on some goodies they sent me this coupon code for 10% off your entire order: Use ‘PLEASEDONTGO‘ at checkout next time you shop. I think the thing I like best about is that they have a freebies section on their site with a lot of their most popular designs featured on the products. Who doesn’t want their sticky notes, agendas AND phone screens to match?!

Rocksbox #2 Review + 30 FREE Days of Rocksbox for You Too!

Yes, I know I just did a Rocksbox post but I wanted to share my second box because I’m even more pleased with this set than I was with the first. Remember I told you before how you can change your profile preferences and a Rocksbox stylist will send you pieces according to the updates? Well, I didn’t realize just how fast they would notice my change in preferences — Before the old box had even reached Rocksbox returns my stylist Kathy had chosen new pieces, written me a personal note about why she chose each piece, and sent the new box on its way. This all happened within 48 hours of sending the first box back!

Rocksbox Review

For my second box I asked for statement earrings, delicate/long necklaces and bangle/layering bracelets. As you can see that’s exactly what I got.

Rocksbox Review

I really like that these three pieces go perfectly together. It’s an entire look in one box.

Rocksbox Review

I’m loving Rocksbox so much I want to remind you they gave me a code for my readers to try their subscription service for FREE too! Just use code ‘mydiylifexoxo’ at and get your first 30 days free. As you can see this is my second box in April, so you could easily get 3 boxes in 30 days if you wished (and have the ability to make quick decisions!). And, since return shipping is also free, it’s 100% risk free if you end up hating the service.

What baubles would you want to see in a personalized Rocksbox for yourself?

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Honest Rocksbox Review (& A FREE trial coupon code!)

Who doesn’t love receiving goodies in the mail?! *raises hand* What if you didn’t have to pay for those goodies? *raises hand higher* What if you had 30 day of FREE curated designer jewelry delivered straight to your doorstep to try on, wear, keep or send back for a whole new set of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets? Sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it? That’s what I thought until Blair from Rocksbox contacted me asking if I would like to participate in their #RBItGirl campaign. Basically Rocksbox gives bloggers like me 3 free months of jewelry in exchange for posting the pieces we receive on social media. They also gave me a coupon code (at the end of this post!) to pass on my my readers so we can all join in the fun! It’s so much nicer to be able to try something out before committing, isn’t it?

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

At first I was a little worried I wouldn’t like the pieces I was sent but you go through a whole styling process before signing up so the curators know what you’re looking for. And, if you do get something you’re not fond of you can return in (free return postage is included!) for something else.

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

This service is absolutely perfect for someone who really isn’t sure what to look for when shopping for new jewelry or for the indecisive person who wants to try everything! It’s also a great service for busy women who love looking put together but have zero time to shop for themselves.

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

If you use my coupon code you’ll get to try this service free for 30 days, then if you love it, you just pay $19.99 a month until you feel like canceling. Plus, Rocksbox gives you $10 each month to spend towards any of the pieces you decide to keep! So far this is the best subscription service I’ve ever tried… And I’ve tried them all! The Rocksbox team truly seems to try to curate boxes for the style you say you want. And the pieces are heavy (good) quality in vibrant colors with sparkling stones and are made by popular designers like Perry Street, House of Harlow and Loren Hope.

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

In these photos you’ll see the three pieces I received in my first Rocksbox (BTW, it came like 4 days after I finished filling out my profile!). A choker style gold chain with opaque gray stones and round rhinestones, a delicate engraved bangle (loved layering this!), and a statement making rhinestone, white and turquoise teardrop necklace also in gold.

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

For these photos I styled the pieces how I would on a normal day of meeting clients (I’m a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant and specialize in tracking down hard to find vintage fashion for my clients). So you see I need to always look my best! You wouldn’t want someone with horrible eyebrows doing your brows so why would you want someone who can’t dress themselves telling you what to wear, right?

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

I chose the option of ‘only statement pieces’ being sent for this first Rocksbox and I love that I have the option of changing my style profile at any time. When it gets closer to Summer I want to start receiving daintier pieces like long necklaces which will be perfect for layering.

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

In the Summer I also tend to wear my hair up more so I will update my profile to include statement earrings instead of necklaces (which can get hot in the South where I am moving!).

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

An Honest Rocksbox Review (plus, a free coupon code to try 30 days of Rocksbox for yourself!)

So, what do you think? Would you give Rocksbox a try? After all, it is free for the first 30 days! You have nothing to lose and possibly LOTS of outfits selfies to take!

Try Rocksbox FREE for 30 days!

Jewelry c/o Other items show in photos are previously owned personal belongings. All opinions and photos are my own. Links in this post are not affiliated.