June Favorites (Best Office Bag EVER!)

Rachel's June Favorites Round-Up

I don’t always post a favorites blog every month… but when I do it’s full of fabulous finds! (LOL I couldn’t resist the meme reference!). Today’s round-up is comprised of 6 products I’ve been telling everyone about lately because they are almost too good to be true, but aren’t! I always trust bloggers who actually buy and use products themselves over simply rounding up photos of things just for the commission. While I’m all about making commissions, that’s now why I blog — so if I haven’t actually tried something, but I post a link to it on my blog or social media, I will always explain WHY! I hope you enjoy learning about my June favorites as much as I have enjoyed using them!

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DIY Chanel Ribbon Necklace Tutorial Video

DIY Chanel Ribbon Choker Tutorial DIY Video

I realize the words “DIY” and “Chanel” aren’t often thought of synonymously but today’s DIY will have you believing it! The ribbon for this tutorial was part of the packaging on a Chanel perfume gift box I received for Christmas last year and I have wanted to DIY something with it ever since!

For this DIY necklace you’ll need:

  • logo ribbon HERE
  • rhinestone mini buckle bead like THIS, THIS or THIS
  • small pliers
  • ribbon crimps
  • jewelry clasp
  • scissors

DIY Chanel Ribbon Choker Tutorial DIY Video




DIY Valentino Inspired Jeweled Mini Bag Tutorial

Have you noticed the sudden popularity of embellished / structured mini bags? According to the runway shows for this season it looks like big handbags are out and I’m certainly not complaining… But finding that perfect mini bag has been basically impossible for me. Ideally I’d love to add one of these jeweled Valentino minis to my collection but they’re crazy pricey not to mention sold out pretty much everywhere.

DIY Jeweled Mini Bag

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DIY Monster Purse Pet

Okay, yes — another DIY tutorial all about creating something to adorn your favorite handbag! I told you this was becoming an addiction! Today’s little ‘purse pet’ was inspired by the popular Fendi ‘monster purse charms.’ However, while Fendi’s will set you back about $950, this little DIY will cost you about $10, and you can personalize the color combo however you like!

DIY purse pet 13

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