DIY Marble Top Desk Tutorial & A Peek at R.K.C. Southern HQ!

DIY Marble Desk Top Tutorial

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve already seen this! EVERYONE is doing it!” 💁 That may be so, but *I* haven’t done it yet, and not all of you read the same blogs and see all the same Pins, so maybe this blog post will have some helpful, new information, even if it’s only new to one of you!😂

A few years ago I showed y’all how I “marbleized” my office magnetic boards and updated an old CD rack to live a new life as a shoe rack using marble contact paper. Since then, the contact paper I loved so much has been discontinued, so this “marblizing” DIY does contain a new project, as well as a link to some currently available marble contact paper!

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Sparkly Studio Tour – Sneak Peek at My Home Work Space

Hello Dears and Happy New Year! It’s officially 2015! I hope your celebrations were safe and memorable 🙂
Today I’m giving a little studio sneak peek / tour in celebration of the new sequin hangers available in the Glitter & Bow Goody Bar on Etsy! I’ve carried the standard sequin hanger for quite some time but have received so many custom orders and requests for different types that I went ahead and created ready-to-purchase listings for two types of ‘clip’ hangers: The two-clip hanger and the bar-lever hanger. I also have two SPECIAL EDITION Outfit Planner hangers for the serious fashionista!
There are so many fun ways you can use these hangers… Hanging art, displaying favourite gowns, as gifts, organizing scarves, and hand bags and much more!
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Jane Austen literary print by Obvious State
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
All sequin hangers are shipped with a tag and tassel and wrapped in satin-finish tissue paper.
 Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
 Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
 Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
The three styles available in the shop: lever bar, clip and standard. $11 each.
 Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Why The H*ll Not print available for download HERE.
 Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
Glitter&Bow Blog // A Sparkly Home Studio Tour
 I hope you enjoyed my sparkly little ‘tour!’
What would you use sequin hangers for?

What Birthday Week Is This Anyway?!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know how much I love my birthday! Not so much the getting older part but the fact that I have lived another year and how amazing my friends and family are about making me feel special for growing up a little more!
Obviously I’m not 24… That birthday was 2 years ago and I blogged about it HERE. And also, 25 was 2013 which I recounted HERE… But despite these facts by dear husband knew how un-chic seeing that 6 next to the 2 would be to me so he helped me to pretend I was turning 24 ^_^ I told him I didn’t want cake but being the traditionalist he is he still wanted something to stick candles into! Which resulted in the creation you see below!
 My dear friend Betsy from Java Cupcake blog gifted me delicious mocha espresso macarons! (above left)
I did a little birthday shopping at H&M and found the cutest nautical striped wedges ($35) and wrap dress ($25) with a perfect creamy white cardigan ($20) to match (I can’t believe it’s still so cold in May!)
My thoughtful mother-in-law gifted me these amazing gold handled scissors from Gingher and my hubby let me have a little Amazon spree to purchase some desk accessories I have been wanting forever! A cordless keyboard and mouse, and an aluminum mouse pad, plus an adorable gold faux croc skin iPad case. I’ll take this opportunity to give a short review of these products:
I have a Mac laptop that I use most (with a few internal modifications). The keyboard and mouse were a set for $20 with excellent reviews, which is why I purchased it. However when the package arrived it did not specify that they were made for the Mac operating system, however even though my laptop is from ’09 it was able to do a key recognition which set up the keyboard to be used. I really like the slim design and bright white color.
I’ve never purchased a mousepad before because they seem to be so small, so even though this isn’t the ‘cutest’ mousepad it’s very ‘me’. It’s a simple, flat aluminum design that was marketed as a ‘gaming’ mousepad. However, the large size is what appealed to me most and was excellently priced at $12.
Finally, the iPad case… It was only $8 which made me unsure of the quality but it is very well constructed with adequate materials which hold my iPad 2 securely. I especially like the swivel feature which allows the iPad to rest in an easy to read display in wide or tall screen mode. Besides the price the gold metallic color was the main selling feature for me — I love gold accessories!
 Above is the one thing that kept me sane through finals week (which was also the same week as my birthday, my husbands work promotion and our 4th wedding anniversary!) — a French press! I’ve always loved French pressed coffee but had forgotten how amazing it is!
For my birthday I decided a Spring colored manicure was a must so I choses Essie bikini so teeny and layered a rose gold glitter by Sally Hanson.
My mother sent me a fabulous care package which contained (among many other goodies!) the latest issue of Domino magazine — I was so overcome with happiness I needed a selfie with it immediately!
The lower left photo above is of those wonderful macarons from Betsy, the Longchamp bag (Navy tote 12x12x7 from my wish list!) as an Anniversary gift from my husband and a Starbucks gift card from my friends Sab and Sal for my birthday.

Even though we had a busy week prepping for my husband’s promotion extravaganza party he and some friends insisted we all walk down town for a birthday dinner for me… which I appreciated! It’s nice to not cook and clean up on your own birthday!
And last, but not least a lovely surprise from my husband the morning of my birthday — the much anticipated Chloe Rose perfume which has been on my wish list since the day it released! And wow does it smell amazing! I like it even better than the original Chloe that he gave me for Christmas. This one is almost smells like it is sparkling. Very fresh and crisp.
Alright, I am sorry this post was so long! But I have not blogged in a few weeks and wanted to do a little catch up! I promise to post photos from my trip to Scotland in March to search for Nessie within a few days.
Have a wonderful weekend!

The G&B Etsy Shop Has re-opened!

This is exciting news for me! After over a year of being closed my Etsy store is back online! This time around you’ll find household and office goodies featuring my favorite motifs; bows and polka dots; As well as a few Southernism art prints and fun jewelry and accessories! 
Here are a few of the goodies available now!

KEEP CALM AND HAVE A CUPCAKE pencils in neon pink // Buy HERE 
Preppy Nautical Monogrammed Planner Pages for each month / 24 file set // Buy HERE
Set of 4 vintage linen and gold polka dot cocktail napkins // Buy HERE


I AM FANCY gold metallic pencils // Buy HERE


HEY Y’ALL metallic silver lettered print with frame // Buy HERE

Which item is your favorite?
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