Thrift Store Halloween Costume Ideas

If you know me even a little it’s probably surprising to hear that I have never been any version of Holly Golightly for Halloween! One of those reasons for this is because I can never find a costume that feels authentic. It occurred to me recently that Holly is too real a person to me to be condensed into a big-box-store costume. The best way to duplicate someone as fabulous as Holly is to comprise a costume using real clothes. Surprisingly, you can create an authentic looking Holly outfit for far less at a thrift store than you can picking one up from Target or Amazon.

I’ve rounded up items from my favorite online thrift store, ThredUp, to show you how easy and simple it is to create a Holly costume on the cheap!

1960s Socialite Halloween Costume

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Halloween Night re-cap

Hey y’all! Hope you had a fabulously scary Halloween! I snapped a couple of pre-party Instagrams of my night and thought I’d share! Remember me saying my outfit was ‘Vampire Diaries’ inspired? How did I do?! And what did you dress as this weekend? I’d love for you to leave your Instagram URL in the comments so I can check out all your awesome costumes!

…Although apparently Channing Tatum’s wife and Zooey had the same idea!

Have a great rest of your weekend!
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Last Second Halloween Costume Inspiration!

I’m terrible about planning outfits in advance… I obsess over what I’m going to wear for a specific event, party or photo shoot then change my mind 11 times and end up buying something new the day of! This habit extends to costumes on Halloween. The simpler the better. And if I can pull something out of my closet and call it a costume I’m even happier! This year my costume is inspired by THIS photo and since I’m only attending one Halloween party it seemed the simplest way to go {I mean it doesn’t get any easier than an LBD — check — and my Venetian mask — check — DONE}. However, If I was going to more than one Halloween party I’d go as Anna Wintour for two reasons: You literally don’t need to buy anything for this costume; and two: everybody whose anybody will immediately know who you’re pretending to be.

First, get inspired… Anna would wear only the chicest of ensembles… think jewels, a nicely tailored dress, mixed textures like silk with a chunky fur and of course sky high heels. She makes the latest fashion look Vintage and Vintage look like the latest thing. If you can talk in a refined British accent for at least the first few minutes of the night that would be a plus!

Basic Essentials: Extra large sunnies + A statement jewelry piece (but just one) + heels + latest issue of Vogue + and of course that signature bob. If you don’t have time to run out and find a wig just use the simple hair tutorial below for your own. If you’re a fashionista I’m willing to bet you’ve already go everything you need in your closet to pull off this ‘costume’!

{photo credit Hair Romance}
What are you going to be {or already were!} for this Halloween?
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