Taking Draper James to France on July 4th

Retro Inspired Independence Day Shoot

It’s truly incredible how much our young country has been through after 241 years in existence. Much has impacted our current trajectory, and while most of it is our own doing, we would not be who we are without the support and loyalty of our allies. Through all of our growing pains the people and country of France have been there for us, from acknowledging our sovereignty and becoming a military ally in our fight for British independence, to gifting us our beautiful Lady Liberty over 100 years later. We would not be who were are if it were not for France.  I wanted to do a little something different than most blogger’s annual July 4th inspired outfit post, so I hope you enjoy this little French-inspired look on America’s birthday!

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Blush x Gold

One of my favourite things about traveling is planning out my outfits and accessories. Sometimes putting these goodies together makes for the prettiest vignettes! I just had to take a few snapshots with these blush, gold and natural light tones to remember getting ready for a really special trip to Prague.
Koi Fish Clutch Dorothy Perkins | Perfume Chloe Rose | Eiffel Tower trinket dish | Milk glass and crystal necklace {vintage} similar HERE
What’s your favourite thing about planning outfits?

Macaron Amour

I have an obsessive love for all things French (I’ve been to Paris 3 times in the last 2 years)… Fashion (duh), art, music, theater, literature and of course FOOD. At the top of this lust list are macarons. If you’ve ever been to France or even had a macaron I don’t need to convince you. If you haven’t then you won’t understand this obsession… I always thought macarons were cute just because of the colors and compact size but not until I tasted one did I begin my worship at the alter of this divine pastry!

 Top to Bottom / Left to Right
MOR cosmetics Lip Macaron from $10
French macarons wrap roll paper $9
Conscious printed apron in light pink $13
Macaron ornaments in blue & pink from Sur La Table
Silk Laduree scarf $90
Gold macaron ring $74
Rose of Versailles Q-Pot purse charm $62
French treats tea towel $5
Pastel shades KIT nail varnish $15
Macaron Bakery tea towel $5
Crochet wool macarons via lushlee

Recipes are more fun to follow when they’re illustrated in pink!
I truly think Blair understands my obsession!

Paris Trois – Chateau Versailles

I can’t believe this is the third time I’ve been to Paris in two years. I can’t stay away! This time around I had the opportunity to take some photos of the Chateau Versailles, Marie Antoinette’s Winter residence outside of Paris. The lavishness of the decor and architecture were absolutely breathtaking. I’ve had an appreciation for French design in the past but never as I do now after visiting Versailles.

 The Opera house inside Versailles
 I personally hate Paris in the Summer. It’s too hot and crowded with tourists to really enjoy. I prefer staying away from the high profile areas and wandering tree lined avenues full of cafes and boutiques and children playing in the street. But, if you must go to in the Summer I’d highly recommend getting guided tours of the tourist areas. You’ll see much more than you would going in with the masses and also usually don’t have to wait in a line. 
 Modern paintings of Marie’s dogs in the waiting area for our tour. I’ve decided my future French bulldog’s name will be Florissant!

More Summer 2013 Euro Road Trip photos coming soon! Look for the Normandy coast next!
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