Saturday Brunch at LeSel Nashville

Review of LeSel Nashville

Brunching at LeSel is like sitting down to a thoughtfully prepared French breakfast with that one individual (we all know at least one person like this!) who is somehow perfect, while still being down to earth and the warmest, friendliest person you’ve ever met. They’re effortlessly chic and beautiful without looking like they try at all. You should feel unnerved by their je ne sais quoi, but somehow instead you feel as relaxed as you would be while engulfed in a hug from someone who thinks you can do no wrong.

The first time I had brunch at LeSel was with my darling friend, Christina. She’s the person version of LeSel. Poised, gracious and gorgeous. I enjoyed the combination of her company with LeSel so much so that it instantly became my favorite new breakfast spot in Nashville. I went online and immediately made a reservation for the following Saturday so that my Mum and I could go together!

My second time at LeSel I had to take some photos for you so that you will hopefully obtain a glimpse of what I’m poorly attempting to convey! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, hopefully these images can explain its charm better than I can!

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Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

As all my readers probably know I’m not a fan of colors. I actually have a real reason for this; colors hurt my eyes! The brighter the shade the more head-achy the effect! Hence the lack of color in my wardrobe. Blacks, grays and whites are soothing to me and I refuse to stop wearing them just because the weather outside no longer matches this palette. I love warm weather though and welcome Spring because sunshine is such a mood-lifter!

If you’re like me and pretty much always wear black you’ll love the round-up below. I’ve curated a collection of images with inspiration for a Spring wardrobe the isn’t oppressively Winter-y but also isn’t blindingly colorful at the same time.

Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

The number one key to wearing black in warmer weather is simply cutting down on layering. Trade the leggings for ripped up or roll cuffed jeans and switch out boots for shoes you can wear without stockings or socks. Skip the scarf and switch out the beanie for sunnies.

Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

Trade the gloves in for a stack of silver or gold bracelets and rings. Wear a crisp pair of trainers the way you would ankle boots.

Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

As it gets warmer, ditch the coat/jacket and opt for a tee with a thin sweater on top.

Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

If you’re Springs are as finicky as the ones in my region you can start the day with your coat and wear your fave black tee underneath for easy layer shedding later.

Whites shades are a black palette’s best friend and still provide the same crisp, sophisticated look without being as heavy. Trade out your black overcoat for a white trench or heavy knit sweaters for blazers in thinner materials such as brocade or sequins.

Not quite ready to say goodbye to long sleeves? Wear an over-sized blanket scarf across your arms and shoulders instead to lighten the whole look of an outfit.

Spring Style for Girls Who Always Wear Black

Whatever you do don’t feel as if you must give in to the wearing of pastels, patterns, prints or trends you don’t like during Spring! Be you, wear what you want and realized that fashion is only as stylish as the people who choose to wear it.

Below are some of my ‘must have’ wardrobe items for girls who wear black year round.