DIY Designer Inspired Crystal Bee Pumps

It’s officially Spring! Which means craving fresh, new pieces for my wardrobe! Rather than spend a ton of $ on new stuff every season I like to update items I know I already like. You’ve probably seen a lot of the cute little bee motif popping up on the runways, blogs and magazines this year — they’re popular every Spring, but seem to be even more so this time for some reason!🐝 However, I’m not about to drop $400+ on a pair of shoes just because they’re popular! One of the easiest ways to stay current on trends is adding appliques and embellishments to pieces you already own!

I searched Etsy and found dozens of bead and embroidery bee appliques. After choosing THIS design to add to my favorite pair of $40 Nine West pumps I started thinking of other things I could add bead appliques to — scarves, jackets, lapel collars, hand bags or clutches… The possibilities are endless!👠

I’ve rounded up my favorite pumps $29.99 – $89.99 (just waiting to be embellished!) below:

To adhere my bee appliques to this pair of suede pumps I used E6000 glue according to the directions on the bottle.

Have you ever updated or altered a piece of fashion to wear for a new season? Tag me on Instagram so I can see! I love getting inspired by y’all and your amazing ideas!


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