Thrift Store Halloween Costume Ideas

If you know me even a little it’s probably surprising to hear that I have never been any version of Holly Golightly for Halloween! One of those reasons for this is because I can never find a costume that feels authentic. It occurred to me recently that Holly is too real a person to me to be condensed into a big-box-store costume. The best way to duplicate someone as fabulous as Holly is to comprise a costume using real clothes. Surprisingly, you can create an authentic looking Holly outfit for far less at a thrift store than you can picking one up from Target or Amazon.

I’ve rounded up items from my favorite online thrift store, ThredUp, to show you how easy and simple it is to create a Holly costume on the cheap!

1960s Socialite Halloween Costume

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DIY Scream Queens Chanel Oberlin Nurse Cap Tutorial Video

It’s probably no big surprise to y’all that I dressed as a “Chanel No. 1” from Scream Queens for the first Halloween party of the month! Apparently SQ isn’t a popular costume choice so I had to DIY my entire look from scratch! Here’s a little tutorial on how I made the sparkly pink, monogrammed nurse’s “cap” seen in the latest season.

DIY Chanel Oberlin Scream Queens Hospital Nurse's Cap Tutorial

DIY Chanel Oberlin Scream Queens Hospital Nurse's Cap Tutorial

Scream Queens Hospital GIF

Supplies used:

Pearl hair band, Monogram sticker (similar), Adhesive glitter foam, hot glue gun (similar)

DIY Chanel Oberlin Scream Queens Hospital Nurse's Cap Tutorial

I had to add a little bonus DIY to this post because I had so many comments and questions about the “Chanel PSL” coffee cup that I instagrammed last weekend!

Download the full-sized paper coffee sleeve I made HERE!

DIY Chanel Oberlin coffee sleeve download

Printable Chanel Oberlin Coffee Order Paper Sleeve!

(full disclosure: I walked around the party that night with a Starbucks grande full of wine, which totally seems like something Chanel would approve of, right?!)


Halloween Night re-cap

Hey y’all! Hope you had a fabulously scary Halloween! I snapped a couple of pre-party Instagrams of my night and thought I’d share! Remember me saying my outfit was ‘Vampire Diaries’ inspired? How did I do?! And what did you dress as this weekend? I’d love for you to leave your Instagram URL in the comments so I can check out all your awesome costumes!

…Although apparently Channing Tatum’s wife and Zooey had the same idea!

Have a great rest of your weekend!
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