9 Things On Every Bloggers Christmas List (A Parody Gift Guide)

Have you ever wondered what bloggers want for Christmas? After talking to a few bloggers, and stalking the wish lists of dozens of others, I found a few commonly coveted items and linked them here (with additional commentary!) for your perusal! If you want to see the eyes of your family member/co-worker/Facebook friend blogger light up, give them literally anything on this wish list …or a Starbucks gift card… and they’ll totally Instagram it and tag you in their thank-you-shout-out.

9 Things On Every Blogger's Christmas Wish List in 2016
this post contains affiliate links.9 Things On Every Blogger's Christmas Wish List This Year

  1. Literally anything velvet… chokers, booties, bombers… we’ll take it and make it work just like we did at every middle school dance in 1999.
  2. The entire MAC Holiday Collection. Even if we don’t like the color pink, MAC makeup or Nutcrackers, we still need it all for props in our Christmas outfit flat-lay pics, like, yesterday.
  3. All the marble things. Especially if, in real life, marble would never be able to take on that shape… like for example covering the outside of our extreme-breakage-prone Macbooks.
  4. All the lighting equipment and a collection of totally natural looking backdrops. That whole “making six figures just by blogging my daily outfits” thing didn’t work out last year, so now we aren’t home in the middle of the day to take advantage of the natural light and we have to film, like peasants, after our 9 – 5 job, in the dark of Winter.
  5. Gold handle scissors… because one day we’ll probably do some DIYs like no other DIYs any other blogger has ever done and the more gold tools involved the more legit $47 worth of craft supplies (to make a bracelet you could get at Charming Charlies for $5) looks to our readers.
  6. A totally chic tumbler from Ban.do that we will never put anything in for the “coffee & werk” selfies that we take on Sunday afternoon, and post on Monday, so you think we do in fact blog for a living. Let’s not ruin the fantasy for our readers. #livingmybestlife.
  7. The teal blue Lisi Lerch earrings (none of the other colors). They look like something our grandmothers would have worn in the 60s, but somehow they totally work, and they’re a steal at $98 for a few dozen seed beads that weigh 3lbs each.
  8. Even if we’ve never been on a plane we must have a hat representing the airport code of our favorite airport. “Like, OMG, the Starbucks before security at BNA makes the best PSLs — scroll back three months in my Insta feed and you’ll see my review.”
  9. Diptyque candles are something bloggers need at least two of at any given moment — One that’s already been burned through which we now use to hold things like brushes in on our vanity or pencils in on our desks, and another to use as a candle that we place carefully in Instagram photos of our rose petal laden bath.

Merry Christmas & Thank You Readers for putting up with our Gift Guides every year!


The Laundress Holiday Collection & SoHo Flagship Store Opening

I immediately fell in love with The Laundress brand after trying their Fabric Fresh Spray in September and have been choosing their products for my laundry care needs ever since. I’m a huge proponent of natural and gentle cleaning and nixing the harsh chemicals and overpowering scents found in most popular products. The Laundress is everything I ever wanted from a cleaning products company and more. Last month I blogged about my October favorites and included their Fabric Fresh Spray. A few days later the lovely Christine sent me the sweetest e-mail asking if I wanted to try out some products from their newly launched limited edition seasonal line. Of course I said yes!

The Laundress Holiday_05

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DIY Elegant Globe Strand Lights

My favourite part about Christmas are the lights. It’s so sad for me each year to pack them up and put them away. I realize these decorations are only plastic and glass but somehow they make every ornament, strand of tinsel and bough of holly come to life and sparkle as if the very existence of Christmas spirit depended on it!
DIY ambient blog light strands
This year I decided to find a way to enjoy that magic glow the rest of the year…
With a strand of your old Christmas lights, some ping pong balls and spray paint you can create an elegant lighting concept to use for anything besides Holiday decor.


For this DIY you’ll need:


  • Your choice of standard Christmas lights
  • cotton rounds
  • scissors
  • spray paint (I chose gold metallic but you can use whatever color you like. Silver or white would also be pretty!)
  • ping pong balls (as many balls as you have lights)
  • Exact-o knife
DIY ambient blog light strands
What to do:
  • Un-screw all the lights from the strand.
  • Cut pieces of cotton round to fit into each light socket.
  • Spray paint the entire strand. Turn and spray other side when dry. Use multiple coats if necessary.
  • After paint is dry, remove cotton from light sockets and re-place each light bulb.
  • Plug the lights in to make sure each one is working.
  • Cut a 1/2 slit in the top of each ping pong ball.
  • Slide a ping pong ball over each light bulb.
  • Plug in your new lighting and enjoy!
DIY ambient blog light strands
Use your lights anywhere… across the top of your bed’s head board, around a mirror, along the edges of your bar cart, over a door way, across a window, as a nightlight in a guest bathroom… The possibilities for spreading a little glowing joy are endless 😉

Pin the image below for easy bookmarking and sharing.
DIY ambient blog light strands

With Love, Rachel



DIY Anthropologie Inspired Monogram Confetti Yarn Ornaments

In 2013 while I was visiting family in the States I got to check out Anthro’s latest ornament assortment for the Holidays. Every time I go in Anthro there are dozens of adorable single-letter monogram goodies to get me excited! …Sadly, 99% of the time I never like the color combo of the letters I want for myself! When I saw the confetti dotted yarn ornaments (below) I loved the concept but wasn’t willing to pay $8 for essentially 20ft of yarn. I knew this was one Anthro item I could DIY myself with pleasing results.
The best thing about DIY-ing something is the ability to make it any size or colour you like!
To DIY my own confetti yarn monogram ornaments I used:
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • clear tacky craft glue
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • assorted mini felt poms and/or plastic jewels
  • plastic yarn needle


  1. Draw desired letter on cardboard
  2. cut out letter
  3. wrap yarn around cardboard
  4. to cover exposed left-over areas use shorter pieces of yarn and the needle
  5. glue poms or plastic rhinestones to front of letter
  6. let dry according to instructions on your glue bottle
  7. voila! done!


The final cost for 2 letters was about $2
What letters and colour combos are you planning to make?
These would also look cute as gift toppers or to take to a dirty santa exchange don’t you think?!

With Love, Rachel

6 DIY Pom Pom Holiday Crafts

Don’t ask me why, but pom poms are strangely therapeutic to make! You can whip out a dozen of them while watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show and pretty much create anything you want. So grab yourself a sharp pair of scissors and let’s get started!


The small poms are perfect for topping gifts, festive napkin holders, key rings, necklaces, cocktail style rings and earrings.
Update a boring packing with twine, poms, tassels (you could use tissue paper, foil paper or yarn!) and these FREE printable paper bows!
The medium poms are adorable as shoe clips and garlands.
The large pom is just the right size for sprucing up a knit beanie.
Use all three pom sizes to make jumbo ornaments.

Okay… that was more than 6 pom pom craft ideas — but you get the point — the possibilities are endless! What would you decorate with poms? I’d love to hear about your crafting adventures below in the comments section!
With Love, Rachel