Cocoa Couture Easter Tablescape

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of entertaining a group of incredible women for a Progressive Brunch. A progressive meal or “Safari Supper” is made of successive courses prepared and eaten at the residence of different hostesses. This involves consumption of one course at each location. Each of us ladies prepared a part of traditional brunch and Ubered from each of our houses to the next, after each course, enjoying the company and styling of each person’s take on a brunch tablescape!

My house was the first stop and I hosted the Mimosa and fruit course! I wanted to share my tablescape with you because I have to show you how easy it is to design a party table without spending a ton of money on theme décor. Every element of the design are DIYs I’ve blogged about previously with a few drugstore Easter isle props thrown in!

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

Disco balls are ornaments seen before here. TIP: If you have any pastel ornaments or at least a bunch of smaller Christmas ornaments all the same color you can group them together around a floral centerpiece in a tray, or pick up a bag of plastic eggs for a few dollars.

DIY Silver and black box centerpiece here. TIP: This is literally just an empty box to give height to the center of the table. You can use any cardboard box you already have and spray paint or decorate it (glue on jewels, flowers, glitter, etc.) to match your color theme and you’ll instantly have a customized centerpiece!

 Chanel bunny DIY seen before here. TIP: The centerpiece doesn’t have to be the most expensive part of the table, it just has to tie everything in.

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

If you don’t have fabric napkins or a table cloth, consider borrowing some from a friend or family member. Fabric linens really elevate the whole look vs. using plastic or paper. If you’re considering purchasing a table cloth and napkins, opt for all-white or all-cream, since a neutral background color will work for almost any occasion. The ones I used were gifts from my Mum who passed them on to me when she realized she was no longer using them regularly and she knew I liked them.

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

One of the easiest ways to create a cohesive layout is by grouping similar items together, such as candles, of the same color. I grabbed a few black and pink candles from around my house and placed them on the table to continue the black and pink theme.

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but if you make your food / drink part of the theme, the necessary items on the table can instantly lend to the decor palette. For example, I made white chocolate fondue colored light pink with a few drops of red food coloring, blueberries and strawberries on skewers (for easy dipping!) and chose ginger ale, champagne and gin bottles with pink and black labels and packaging.

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

Lastly, I grabbed a few Easter Lindt chocolates that lend to the Easter aspect (mini carrots and bunnies are so cute, and can double as party favors!) as well as a bunch of pink roses and greenery, because nothing says, “Spring” like fresh flora!

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

The tiny ceramic bunnies I purchased several years ago while living in Germany at their version of the Dollar Store, but I’m sure they have similar ones in the States.

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

Cocoa Couture Easter Table Scape

What are your thoughts? Have you ever hosted or been to a themed progressive meal?


FREE Printable Zebra Art

I know I’ve created a bunch of tech wallpapers for y’all recently but I wanted to do something a little different for this month’s freebie using the zebra motif from January’s download! One of my favorite things to DIY is artwork for my house. It’s so easy to customize the perfect piece when I’m in charge of the design! Last week I made this adorable Zebra print using my favorite illustrated clip art and had to share with y’all! (See inspiration for this design here, here & here)

FREE Printable Zebra Art

FREE Printable Zebra Art

FREE Printable Zebra Art

Save the image below and print on 8″ x 8″ photo quality paper. I ordered a print online at for about $4 and was able to pick it up from my local Walgreens later that same day!

Free Printable Zebra Art Work

I found a $5 frame from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it glossy white. The background “photo mats” are a piece of white card stock paper trimmed to about 10″ x 10″ on top of a piece of pale pink 12″ x 12″ scrap booking paper. I adhered each layer with a single piece of double sided tape in the center back of each page. In total the entire project cost about $11.

FREE Printable Zebra Art

FREE Printable Zebra Art

FREE Printable Zebra Art

I’d love to see where you put your Zebra art work! Post a picture and tag me on Instagram!

FREE Printable Zebra Artwork Download


Faux Taxidermy DIY Deer Head Decor

I’ve wanted a faux taxidermy deer head to decorate my studio for a long time. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Pinterest, decorating the walls of chic bloggers everywhere. Unfortunately the ones on Etsy run between $50 – $100, and even the plaster ones I’ve seen at home decor stores like Hobby Lobby and Kirkland’s are about $60, so obviously I decided to make my own! If you DIY your own you have the added benefit of choosing your own color combo, as well as saving the huge mark up added the retail options!

Faux Taxidermy DIY Dear Head

To DIY your own faux taxidermy deer head you will need:

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Wine Cork DIY Decor

We’ve all seen the Pinterest and blogger obsession with wine cork based DIY projects. Most of them are quite good ideas, but if you don’t drink enough to corked beverages to amass the amount of corks needed for any of these projects, please do not be one of those people who goes out and buys a bag of corks from Michael’s. Just don’t. However, if you love the idea of cork decor, but don’t have enough for a large project (i.e. you’re not an alcoholic), than this DIY is for you!

DIY cork craft7

diy cork art

For this DIY you will need:

  • 12 oz. square jar
  • 20-25 corks
  • 2-3 large, faux bloom flower stems
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • wide ribbon

DIY cork art2

Start by placing the corks in your jar, packing them as tightly as you can.

DIY cork craft3

Create two layers of corks, one atop the other, until your entire jar is full to the rim.

DIY cork craft8

Measure about 4 ft. of ribbon and wrap around the top half of the jar, glueing down to secure. Tie a bow to finish off.

DIY cork craft4

Cut your flower stems down to about 4″ and push each one in between the corks to arrange.

DIY cork craft5

Voila! All done! Easy, chic, and didn’t cost a fortune — except for all that champagne you drank to make this! Small price to pay, right? 😉

DIY cork craft6

If you make this DIY don’t forget to share it and tag me on Instagram! I love seeing how creative y’all are! #MDLdiy 🙂

50 Shades of Gray Paint

For the past month (since temporarily closing my Etsy shop) I’ve been receiving frantic e-mails and DMs from brides in desperate need of sequin hangers and gold foil graphics for their wedding websites! Y’all know I’m trying to move from Germany to America and remodel a several thousand square foot house too, right?! Well I remember what it was like to try to plan a wedding (I planned mine in 3 months!) and I couldn’t handle to desperation in you sweet bride’s messages anymore! I opened the shop back up yesterday and have since received 47 custom order inquiries! You ladies are the BEST! Now, I told all of you though that your orders are not going out till July 13th but that didn’t seem to deter any of you (bless your souls) so I will work hard to get those hangers and graphics out to you ASAP if you will all keep being patient with me 🙂

I thought you might like to see a little peek at my temporary work space though! My home office space was one of the first rooms I had painted and really love the deep grayish blue it turned out. The color reminds me of the sea after a storm. The entire house is painted different shades of the color you’ll see in the photos below. So yes… 50 shades of gray haha!

desk details

Tufted velvet chair from

desk details

Stationary from, Rifle Paper Co., and Daily Dishonest, washi tapes from Staples by Scotch.

Desk details

Acrylic pen holder from HomeGoods, pug tape dispenser and stapler from Target, pink pens by Poppin from TJMaxx, gold pens from Kate Spade, gold iPad cover from Amazon.

living room details

Lucite chair by Kartell (same chair for cheaper HERE), seat cushion from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Accessories details

‘Odds and Ends’ trinket dish from Hobby Lobby (inspired by Kate Spade’s design I’m assuming – or vice versa?), gold pen by Kate Spade, pug tape dispenser from Target, bracelet by Cartier, ring by Thomas Sabo, men’s watch by Geneva.

Like what you see? Shop similar items below!

So now you’ve seen the only clean, organized, neat areas of my new house! I promise more photos within a few weeks when everything is pretty and perfect 🙂

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