76th Steeplechase at Percy Warner Park

Steeplechase at Percy Warner is always a fun, Spring event in Nashville. The weather Saturday was perfection and probably the most beautiful day I’ve seen this year! Even though we were at the Hunt Club most of the day, we found time to take a few turns in the infield and stop by the new Fox Den Tent. It felt like there weren’t as many attendees this year as previous years, but it made everything far more quiet and enjoyable! I love Steeplechase so much because I always meet so many awesome new people and see friends over great drinks to catch up! The view is spectacular, the food is incredible and the company is priceless.

76th Steeplechase at Percy Warner Park in Nashville

View of the track standing in front of the Hunt Club

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75th Annual Iroquois Steeplechase

If you’re preppy, Southern, love horses or enjoyed tailgating in Uni you’ll feel right at home at the Nashville Iroquois Steeplechase! Steeplechase is a lovely outdoor, all-day sporting event with the party starting about 9:00 am, a first horse race about 12;30 and winding down after a final race at 5:30. There’s a race every 40 minutes starting at 12:30 with plenty of time in between for socializing and picture taking in your preppiest best! (Extra points for matching bow ties, suspenders and socks, gents!)


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