Taking Draper James to France on July 4th

Retro Inspired Independence Day Shoot

It’s truly incredible how much our young country has been through after 241 years in existence. Much has impacted our current trajectory, and while most of it is our own doing, we would not be who we are without the support and loyalty of our allies. Through all of our growing pains the people and country of France have been there for us, from acknowledging our sovereignty and becoming a military ally in our fight for British independence, to gifting us our beautiful Lady Liberty over 100 years later. We would not be who were are if it were not for France.  I wanted to do a little something different than most blogger’s annual July 4th inspired outfit post, so I hope you enjoy this little French-inspired look on America’s birthday!

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The Southern Cocktail Hour

With the Fall social season in full swing it’s time to talk cocktail hour favorites! The best thing about living in the South during the Fall is enjoying the beautiful changing leaves while still being blessed with plenty of sunshine and perfect, 65 degree weather. I haven’t been able to wear pastels and sleeveless tulle dresses during November since 2010 (not that I’m complaining — Fall weather in Europe will spoil you for life!).

Fall Wedding Guest 1

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Fashion Icon Spotlight: Bond Girl

When I hear ‘Bond Girl,’ images of svelte, silken haired beauties with a perfect hour glass figure and a sexy accent float through my mind… I always wonder what it might be like to be on the design team that dresses each iconic lady that graces 007’s side! Bond girls are always the epitome of grace and elegance no matter what their scene calls for and no detail of her movie wardrobe goes unnoticed by critics and fans. She’s a legend, a dream and everyone knows her name…
In your opinion, who was the most iconic Bond Girl?