Easter Bunny Manicure with Jen Tsourvakas, Celebrity Nail Artist

Easter Mani by Celebrity Nail Stylist, Jen Tsourvakas

I hope y’all aren’t tired of my @jen_of_all_trades manicure updates because I love posting them! Even though this isn’t the usual post (where I show you how to DIY something!) it still lends to creativity and inspiration! What better way to get inspired than to look at creative nail art, right?! I always get great ideas for all kinds of projects after browsing unique, brightly hue-ed manicure designs on Pinterest, and I’m sure I’m not the only girl who does this! For April I knew I wanted something Easter themed with my monthly manicure, and after creating this year’s bunny-centric Easter blog content I wanted to stay with the bunny theme!

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Emeralds & Opals Winter Manicure

A stunning manicure concept inspired by emeralds and opals by my favorite celebrity stylist, Jen Tsourvakas!

We started with a deep green base topped with micro glitter and opalescent paper shards and finished with a natural white base on the ring finger covered in iridescent micro glitter. To book a manicure with Jen, call Parlour 3 in Brentwood, TN and tell them Rachel sent you!

Emerald & Opal manicure by Jen Tsourvakas of Parlour 3

Jen was so incredibly patient with me on this design! I *kind of* (not really) had an idea of what I wanted and she created this look based on my requests for “THE PERFECT green, and some glitter, but maybe like 2-3 different colors and for sure some iridescent paper shards, but I don’t know what shape I want them in, maybe triangles? Maybe like broken glass looking? For sure I want some white too, like to represent snow?” Bless her heart!😂

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Time is Golden

A resolution I recently made to myself was to ‘stop the glorification of busy’. I have a terrible habit of ‘keeping busy’ with stuff that’s not really necessary while procrastinating about things that *actually* need to get done {there’s a pile of clean clothes next to me on the couch that need to be put away as I type this! Who else hates this chore, raise your hand!} so I’m taking some small steps to get my priorities in order. Things like NOT repainting my nails every other day is one of them! After perusing my wardrobe and looking at a lot of the outfits and accessories I plan to wear this month I realized gold went with everything! Plus it’s a festive little pop of metallic that can easily dress up those jeans-and-a-tee-days. I made this little inspiration board to illustrate my plan for the month! I will retouch my manicure when there are little chips then just completely re-do them maybe 1-2 times over the entire month. This saves time and distraction since I’ve already made the decision about what color to wear. I’m *also* not spending valuable minutes surfing Pinterest for mani inspiration. In all I hate to admit it but this will probably save me an entire 24 hours out of this month no longer spent on manicure related business! Another plus side to me choosing just one color is the fact that while traveling to visit family there’s just 1 nail polish to worry about breaking in my check bag!
{download this desktop wallpaper HERE as a little reminder every time you’re on your computer!}
Do you have a problem with taking on too many unnecessary projects? {Please tell me I’m not the only one!}
On a less-self-judgy-note what’s your go-to or current favorite nail color for November?

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