DIY Marble Top Desk Tutorial & A Peek at R.K.C. Southern HQ!

DIY Marble Desk Top Tutorial

You’re probably thinking, “I’ve already seen this! EVERYONE is doing it!” 💁 That may be so, but *I* haven’t done it yet, and not all of you read the same blogs and see all the same Pins, so maybe this blog post will have some helpful, new information, even if it’s only new to one of you!😂

A few years ago I showed y’all how I “marbleized” my office magnetic boards and updated an old CD rack to live a new life as a shoe rack using marble contact paper. Since then, the contact paper I loved so much has been discontinued, so this “marblizing” DIY does contain a new project, as well as a link to some currently available marble contact paper!

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Marble Magnificent :: DIY

I’ve had a bit of a marble-izing obsession after seeing these pumps and this tee shirt from Alexander Wang’s A/W13 collection for Balenciaga. The only thing better than all black or all white is a pattern that incorporates both!
16 DIY marble-izing tutorials for your and your home! #GlitterAndBowBlog
16 DIY marble-izing tutorials for your and your home! #GlitterAndBowBlog
For me, obsession equals emulous desires, which translated into feverishly scouring the internet for the best DIY marbleizing ideas! I’ve curated a list of my favourites in this blog post along with list of links to some honorable mentions and marble effect crafting supplies. Hope you enjoy!
16 DIY marble-izing tutorials for your and your home! #GlitterAndBowBlog
16 DIY marble-izing tutorials for your and your home! #GlitterAndBowBlog

Links to DIY the items above
Marbled TrainersMarbled BowlsMarble Wall ArtMarble Print BlouseMarble Wall ClockMarble ManicureMarbled Clay Necklace | Marbled Laptop Cover | Marble Coffee Table | Marbled Envelopes | Marbled Storage Box | Marbled Office Supplies | Marbled Photo Backdrop |  Marbleized Decoupaged Chairs | Marble Lamp | Marble Tray 
List of marble craft supplies
White contact paper Here and Here | Gray contact paper Here | Black contact paper Here | Beige contact paper Here | White/Gray Marble print fabric Here | Digital Marble print papers Here | Marble print scrapbook papers Here
If you love the marble look and want some of it in your life, but aren’t the crafty type, check out these new and vintage pieces for your home and wardrobe HERE