8 Spring Trends You Will Either Love or Hate

I have mixed emotions about this year’s Spring trends. I love the banker stripes, shirt dresses, satin jeweled pumps and tweed, but there are a few styles I just can’t wrap my mind around! I remember wearing pom pom earrings and embroidered jeans as a 13 year old in 2001! Not my best fashion year. Which stands to reason why I wouldn’t want to revisit it any time soon! What do you think about the trending styles below? Love them or hate them?

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Ciao Venezia!

Good Morning, dears!

Just wanted to tell you I’ll be back next Tuesday! My Honey are taking our monthly long weekend and this time going back to Italy. We’re driving to Prague in the morning then flying out the Venice and we’ll be there in time to sip wine and watch a sunset over the Grand Canal <3 Italy is always one of those places I could get lost in. The old world mystery and elegance is breathtaking and restores my faith in humanity every time. The Italians are so friendly and helpful not to mention amazing cooks!

I’ve never done a ‘what’s in my bag’ post before but I think after years of traveling I can be somewhat helpful in this area to those who perhaps are looking for some International flying tips!
There is one thing I’ve learned: Don’t over-pack or worry about forgetting something… Of course there are the essentials (more on that further down) but just remember every place has a drugstore and most hotels have a service where you can send out for things you forgot like toothpaste or a specific brand of razor! Once in London I stayed at a hotel that even had a vending machine with power cords in it for every type of electronic device a person could hope to own!
Bag // I really love the Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ tote and I have two of those I rotate out when I travel
ReadingEntertainment // Latest magazine + iPad
Sleep maskEar plugs // Musts!
My Starbucks cup + Crystal Light // They always confiscate liquids over 3oz. but I take my empty cup through security and fill up at the water fountain before boarding!
Change purse // Europeans love their coins and you can pay for whole meals with them because they’re worth a lot more than America’s highest denomination! We’re talking upwards of $3 worth each!
Cosmetic bag // for necessities like pain killer + tampons + power cord + hand lotion + keys, etc.
WalletPassport holder // ID + passport + boarding pass + cash + cards, etc.
Usually I carry my camera with me also… Anything that’s of value or I don’t want broken being thrown into the cargo hold!
What do you always have with you when you travel? Are you a heavy packer with lots of check bags or do you prefer to live out of your carry on???
Have a great weekend! XO Rachel