ThredUp Round Up | Chocolate Truffle Inspired

Chocolate Truffle Inspired ThredUp Round up

The only thing better than thrift shopping is thrift shopping from the comfort of your couch! I’m here again today to talk about the fabulous deals I’ve scored on ThredUp! I hope you love this ‘Chocolate Truffle’ inspired look comprised of blush, brunette and cream pieces.Read More

ThredUp Round Up

After publishing an exposé on my personal shopping habits earlier this week I had so many of you message me on social media to tell me about ThredUp! I’ll be honest, y’all; I had never heard of ThredUp till last week and I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to check it out! I’ve already placed my first order and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I scored an all-designer-label outfit for $154, which retailed for almost $950. Beyond the great deals though something that I really love about ThredUp is that you’re not going to see these outfits duplicated. You can buy an entire, head-to-toe look and know you’re wearing items that were at one time lovingly chosen by another woman… many other women, in fact! Getting to create an entire, matching ensemble pulled from a dozen women’s closets is fascinating and exciting! You’re giving these pieces a new lease on life and a chance to be loved all over again in a new way!

Thread Up Round Up

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