Dusty Rose Valentine’s Makeup

I wasn’t originally going to publish a Valentine’s Day makeup look because I didn’t want to shop for new stuff, but I’ve started this new thing where I try to “shop” my own collection of makeup! I ended up finding some palettes I haven’t used in a while and created this look that was just too pretty not to share! If you’re thinking of creating a last-minute romantic makeup look for today I suggest you go back through your old makeup and see what you can find! You really only need a few shades of blush/pink/peach eye shadows, a dusty/rosy pink lipstick and a liquid illuminator. If you’re really desperate, head to the drugstore! I’ll be linking drugstore “dupes” for all the products I used too!

Dusty Rose Valentine's Day Makeup

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Mood Board: Peaches & Cream

Ever have one of those weeks or months where everything of a certain color catches your attention? For me lately it’s been peachy pink! Anything in this soft, pastel cotton candy hue has made me turn my head! Right now I’m loving these…

A sunset reminiscent painting // Sunlight kissed walls // Glitter striped berry colored macarons // A sweet swim suit // This vintage book // Black words on a demure background // A dreamy gown //
All photos from THIS Pinterest board

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