Harry’s PR Unboxing and Review

Harry's Winston Set Review

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I don’t typically write a whole blog post about PR I receive, but I was really impressed with these shave sets Harry’s sent over recently and I had to share with y’all! Honestly, the number one reason I decided to share this product is because it arrived MONOGRAMMED! Good Southern food and monograms are the way to most Southern girl’s hearts, and the best way to get our attention!

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There’s One Key Part of Your Beauty Routine You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

This post is a review on a product I received for free for testing purposes. All opinions are mine alone. #ExuvianceAgeReverse #gotitfree #BrandBacker

Exuviance Peel and Cream duo is the key part of your beauty routine you didn't know you were missing! #review

As I close in on my 30s the attention I give my appearance has narrowed down to one goal… My beauty routine now relies heavily on maintenance over everything else! It’s amazing how right our mothers and grandmothers end up being when they warn us of too much sun exposure, sleeping in our makeup and skipping the moisturizer. Oh, how I wish I had listened to all of them 10 years ago! One of the reasons I believe the matriarchy is so concerned with maintenance beauty is because they simply did not have the products and science on their side that we now enjoy! It’s amazing how many truly amazing products have been invented in the age-reversal field in the last 10 years!

One such product came across my path recently that I was convinced to try after discovering one’s hands are one of the first things to begin aging! Hand skin health is sadly neglected in the maintenance department for many women in their 20s and 30s. If you are looking for a starting point in your beauty maintenance routine please give your hands some special attention ASAP!

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Becca Cosmetics Face Primer Products Review

If you’ve been reading my blog long you know I don’t review many beauty products, and the ones I do mention are typically of the drugstore variety! One of the only name-brand items I have in my makeup arsenal is the BECCA Champagne Pop highlighter. I adore this highlighter and it’s one of the only high-end makeup products I continue to purchase every each time I run out. Because of this I was willing to give this trio of new Becca products a try when offered by Influenster. I was sent the three products shown below for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated or promised more free stuff if I give a favorable review! Please know everything I’m about to say are my true thoughts!

Becca Blur Cosmetics Review

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August Favorites

August Favorites Round-Up

Welcome to my August favorites round-up! This post is not sponsored in any way and I’m reviewing these products without prior compensation from any company. I think by now y’all know how much I love to share a good deal or product, so I hope you find something new to try today! (Links to purchase items will be at the end of this post).

August Favorites Round-Up

My first August favorite is the clip-on selfie ring light by Genuine Ingenious! Pros: There are three, graduating illumination settings for super low-light situations — gotta get that light ring in you iris even if it’s the middle of the night! The wide clip allows the ring light to be attached to a phone with a huge, protective case (like my Otter Box!) and even fits over a case and the front-facing camera on my MacBook. Cons: It would be nice if the designer took into consideration that not all front-facing cameras are in the center of the device. For example, my Android phone has a right-side camera which means the ring light has to be attached to the corner of my phone so as to not cover up the camera! It’s only a mild inconvenience, but still annoying as it makes things a tad awkward! I’ve been using it for 90% of my selfies anyway! The selfie light is also super convenient for on-the-go face-timing in a darker room, or if you want to film a video on your laptop for uploading to YouTube or Facebook without spending a ton on lighting equipment!

August Favorites Round-Up

August Favorites Round-Up

August Favorites Round-Up

August Favorites Round-Up

On to item number two! The NYX Born to Glow Illuminating Primer has quickly become my favorite primer. I’m on my 3rd tube now! I’ve never re-purchased a primer this many times before. You can see me wearing it in the photos in this post. It creates a natural, from-within glow that only truly comes from healthy skin, and it builds the perfect foundation for all my makeup. It doesn’t sink into my pores, crease or flake, even after wearing it all day and sleeping on it! (yes, sometimes I sleep in my makeup — bad, I know!). I don’t have any cons to list for this product — It’s $14 and currently available at Target and Ulta stores as well as NYX online.

August Favorites Round-Up

I’m a hair-care junkie. If it promises thicker, longer, fuller, shiner anything, I’ll try it! I’m on my 2nd bottle of Sugar Bear Hair gummies and I can honestly say they’ve made a huge difference. I had head hair growth in areas that have been “sparse” for 10  years (noticeably around my temples and hairline). I can’t say that your results will be the same, but I’m certainly a believer! As with any supplement, ask your doctor first if they think it’s safe for you to take. As far as hair care supplements go I think they’re on the moderately less expensive side. The most I’ve seen them listed for is a 30-day supply for $33 on Amazon.

August Favorites Round-Up

What sort of Southerner would I be if I didn’t include a Kendra Scott item on my favorites?! It’s not hard to continuously have a new KS fave though! I pretty much had a heart attack when I saw the new Fall collection and the subsequent Nail Polish line that released last week. Of course Kendra makes lacquers to match her best selling stones — Smart woman! I snagged up a Rose Gold polish (shown above), along with a new rose gold drusy bracelet to add to my addiction collection 🙂 I’m planning on taking the polish over to Jen at Parlour 3 to have her create something gorgeous on my nails ASAP! I’ll definitely ‘gram the results for y’all! Who else is obsessed and happy with the current rose-gold trend?

August Favorites Round-Up

Last, but not least, I have to rave over this darling disco ball tumbler with a light pink straw from Hunter Paige Salon! You’ve probably seen it a few times on my Facebook & Instagram, sparkling alluringly from the corner of a few photos! I just can’t even handle how happy it makes me every time I see it — I plan on getting a total of 6 to keep on my bar at all times! (They’re so darling as bridesmaid’s gifts! Check out blogger Hunter Schleicher’s post for cute photos of her “proposing” to her bridal party!) If you’re thinking of getting some of these cups bear in mind they are delicate and should be hand-washed so none of that gorgeous silver metallic finish scratches off.

August Favorites Round-Up

Shop my August favorites below!

{Some links are Amazon Affiliate – who doesn’t love a good deal?!}

Selfie Ring Light $15, Disco Ball Tumbler $25 (also available online at ban.do), Sugar Bear Hair $33 (one month supply), Kendra Scott Nail Polish $16 – $18 (Rose Gold shown), Kendra Scott Rose Gold Drusy Kathleen Bracelet $65, NYX Illuminating Primer $14


October Favorites

Today I want to talk about a few products I’ve been using lately that have fast become favorites.

october favorites1

The best part about the six products I’ll be discussing in this article is most are under $10! Some of these have been around for a while but I only just started using them and I seriously wonder why they’re not more popular.

october faves3

First, I have to discuss Scentsational Candles, and specifically the ‘Resolute’ scent. I found this soy candle at TJ Maxx in Brentwood, Nashville probably a month ago and loved the masculine, fresh aroma. I typically gravitate towards candles, soaps, body washes and shampoos branded for men because they smell less ‘fussy’ and busy than products marketed toward women. The crisp freshness of ‘Resolute’ is both calming and inviting but awakening all at the same time. I also love the modern black matte and silver packaging. I’ll definitely be keeping the jar to stash small items in after it’s burned out. Now, when I go into TJX, I buy up all the candles they have in stock in this scent. I find these for $7.99 but if you can’t find it at TJX you can snag it from the company’s site HERE. I’m really curious to know what the other scents smell like in the collection.

On to item number two! You may recognize the Fabric Fresh spray by the Laundress from Rachel Zoe’s 2015 Fall Box of Style. I’ve been using Laundress products since moving to Nashville in June (and especially love their room spray and ironing water) but had never tried the fabric fresh spray till last month. This spray is like Febreeze for your clothes. It’s the perfect size to stash in your carry-on or office bag for freshening up after a long day or when you arrive at your hotel and take those plane-scented clothes from your suitcase. I’ve easily been able to extend the life of an outfit between washes with this spray! Buy it HERE.

october faves4

Boogie’s hair cream is another one of those products marketed for men that I love. I found it on the Dollar Shave Club website (which I highly recommend), and decided to try it after reading the description. It was $10 and is extremely similar to Living Proof’s Style Extender Primer. The Boogie’s cream makes my hair manageable and soft without taking away any of the texture and bounce. It’s very important though to use a very small amount otherwise it is a little greasy. I use slightly less than a pea sized amount (my hair is long) and work it through the bottom two-thirds of clean, towel dried hair. Buy it from Dollar Shave Club HERE.

october faves5

If you’re a makeup trend junkie than you’ll know how difficult it has been to get your hands on that perfect mauve matte lipstick color (thanks, Kylie Jenner!). Mac’s (now cult) classics like ‘Whirl’, ‘ Velvet Teddy,’ & ‘Faux’ are constantly sold out and carry a $17 price tag each. Enter ‘Whipped Caviar’ by NYX. It’s the perfect mauve matte and is one of the longest lasting, richly pigmented, smoothest lipsticks I’ve ever tried. After wearing it the past month I compared it to some of the higher end lipsticks, as far as wear goes, and the others couldn’t hold a candle to how long the NYX lasted. I will 100% be re-buying ‘Whipped Caviar’ when I run out! I got it HERE for $5.99.

I’ve had this Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume since Valentine’s Day but didn’t start wearing it till this month when I ran out of another scent that I typically wear. Instead of going out and buying something new I decided to try this one. I love this perfume because it smells a lot like Viktor & Rolf’s Spice Bomb and Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, all in one. I always get asked what I’m wearing when I have it on and it’s only $22 on Sephora HERE

october faves6

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Makeup Extender spray is my new beauty secret weapon. I spray this on my face (according to the instructions on the bottle) after all of my makeup is complete. This spray has helped my makeup stay smooth and in place through the oppressive Nashville humidity and I get so many compliments on my makeup when I’m out since using this spray. I found mine at Walgreens for $16.99.

october faves2

And that’s it for October favorites! What have you been loving this month?