There’s Something I’d Like to Say on International Women’s Day

To all the girl bosses out there who leave their 9-5, go home, and hustle their dreams until 2am like nobody’s business. 💪 May we rise and slay, day after day. 👠 With grace we’ll say, “lovely is she who doesn’t stop till she has it all.”💄
International Women's DayIt’s funny; growing up I never once heard from anyone that women can or can’t do certain things — I only ever found out some women in this country truly believe they’re oppressed after seeing it screamed in the streets. I never had that false belief crippling my ability to get anything done, so I kept on doing what I wanted, and nobody ever mentioned to me that I was a woman! Thank God I was never fed those lies at a young, impressionable age. I won’t get into politics here, because I don’t believe a lifestyle blog is the place for that, but if you are truly passionate about women’s rights please take the ones you have in this incredible country and use them to help women who TRULY have no voice. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about here’s a place to start:

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FREE Phone Wallpaper Download | Rise & Slay

There’s something about the cooling, late Summer weather that infuses my daily slay with a little extra enthusiasm! Maybe because I live in the South the melting heat just makes me want to lay under a fan with an iced tea in my hand most of the time! The moment I don’t feel like dying from heat stroke I start to get more done (big surprise!). It’s been a few months since I created a a free wallpaper download for y’all but I just haven’t been inspired and it’s not my style to throw something up on the blog “just because.” So I hope you can appreciate that and also appreciate this NEW phone wallpaper! I hope it puts a pep in your step and a smile on your gorgeous face every time you look down at your notifications 🙂

RIse & Slay Dress Your Tech Wallpaper Download

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