September Instastories Round-Up! Shop the Posts You May Have Missed!

September Instastories Round-Up

I’m taking a little blogging break this week to get some other stuff done but I wanted to do a quick, Instastories round-up for y’all before September is over! All of you are so sweet to be interested in what I’m doing on the daily, but since I currently have less than 10k “followers” on Insta I don’t have access to the handy-dandy, “swipe up to shop” feature! As a result I get dozens of inbox messages asking me for links to the items I post about, so I’m linking everything in this blog! I’ll try to do this every month until I get to 10k and can link in the story for you to click on! I honestly don’t care if I never reach 10k though because it’s not the numbers, but the engagement, that matters to me, and y’all are the BEST followers I could ever ask for! So bear with me if we never get the swipe feature! I think you deserve to have it, no matter who you’re following, but you’ll have to take that up with Instagram!

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15 Modern & Chic No-Carve Pumpkins You Can DIY in an Afternoon

I always *plan* to carve a real pumpkin every year but it never happens. If you’re like me, and you love Autumn decor, but you wish it sort of seamlessly looked amazing with the rest of  your home, then this round-up is for you! My house is white, natural wood and gray, so every season it’s essentially a blank decorating slate. However, I hate spending time and money on something that’s only going to be out for 2 months, so I usually hit up the sale bin at Target & Michael’s to find the pumpkins no one wanted to cover them with spray paint and a few fun embellishments. It’s no mess, fun to do, and I don’t feel guilty about making a new one every year because they’re so inexpensive.

15 No-Carve DIY Pumpkins


DIY Goth Glam Punk Studded Pumpkin Decor For Fall

Links to original DIYs top to bottom, left to right:

Scattered studs via Redbook Magazine , Sequin dots via Sugar & Cloth, Copper bands via Homey Oh My, Floral moon via The Merry Thought, Gold confetti by Homey Oh My, Black and white minis by Darling Darleen, Paint splatter via Homey Oh My, Monogram nails via Josie Jones, Cheeky phrases via Fairgoods, Mini white with antlers via Tone on Tone, Ombre pink chalk via Cosmopolitan, Tribal matte via Homey Oh My, Metallic melt via D.D.D. Crayon melt via Apartment 34, Boo Y’all via RKC Southern 🙂

Which one is your favorite?


8 Easy DIY Ways to Create a Classic Office Space

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the basic, black and white stripe combo. It influences a lot of my work and ideas and somehow invokes a level of classiness and sophistication akin to an old Audrey Hepburn film.

We’re planning on moving from our apartment in Germany to a house in the States in a few months, which means more room (and hopefully) a bigger office space! Stripes in little doses work fine in my current space, but ideas like whole pieces of striped furniture, or the accent wall you’ll see below is something that will only work in a spacious room.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

To get inspired and excited about moving, and re-doing my office, I’ve rounded up 8 of my favorite DIY black and white stripe projects that would add coordination, boldness and class to any home office space. Which ones are your favorites and do you have any reoccurring themes/patterns in your house when decorating?

ONE // Monogrammed pin/inspiration board from Handmade Mood. Obviously I love the golden monogram detail on this! Such a fab idea for any pin board. If you’re not up for making an entire board you could spray paint stripes on a cork board and add a vinyl monogram sticker.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

TWO // Mini glam command center — perfect for sorting or writing cards, letters, bills, etc. from 11 Magnolia Lane. This tutorial goes over making the entire table and not just the striped part.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

THREE // Bronze, black and white desk chair makeover from Little Green Notebook. Definitely my favorite project on this list — and how darling is the golden hardware? Seems simple enough and looks so classy!

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

FOUR // Mini striped accent wall from Lark & Linen. My favorite part about this accent wall is the fact that it’s only part of a wall but still manages to completely section off the desk/work area from the rest of the room.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

FIVE // Kate Spade Inspired Ikea Storage Boxes from First Home Love Life. If you’re not big into painting you could always use black/white duct tape for the stripes and black circle stickers for the polka dots. Voila, done!

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

SIX // Magazine holder makeover from Cuckoo 4 Design. I’ve given cardboard magazine holders makeovers using patterned contact paper but painting wooden ones (like these) would probably last longer.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

SEVEN // Molla Mills crochet rug pattern from Mollie Makes. Obviously I love the stripe pattern but the polka dot pattern is adorable too! I will probably make both and possibly use the polka dot one in a future baby room/nursery.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office

EIGHT // Horizontal, bold stripe curtains from The Natural Cape Cod. My favorite thing about these curtains is the floor to ceiling style. It makes the ceiling appear higher and the window wider.

8 Classy DIY Black & White Striped Projects for your Home Office


5 Things Friday // Week 09

Every week there are so many interesting articles, pins, DIY ideas, fashion items, etc. that I want to tell you about but don’t necessarily warrant an entire blog post on their own — so here’s my solution — a weekly round-up of my 5 favorite note-worthy tid bits. Look for these updates every Friday and each week I’ll deliver a carefully curated variety of note-worthy items ranging from recipes to sales events and everything in between!

5 Things Friday  // Week 09

Item ONE // Toms’ new tennis shoe collection

Item TWO // Listening to Ella Henderson’s album non-stop on Spotify and discovering it’s the most underrated album ever made.

Item THREE // Van’s frozen blueberry gluten free waffles. Seriously heaven and they take 10 minutes to heat up in the oven. Hello guilt free crispy Saturday morning deliciousness.

Item FOUR // This art work and quote. I cannot for the life of me track down the original source which makes me even crazier because clearly the creator shares parts of my brain and soul and I need to thank them for expressing my innermost being in such an adorable and simple way.

Item FIVE // This set of map marker push pins. I have an idea of putting them all over a map, marking places I want to go, then, as I visit each one, spray paint the visited places pins gold.

Love the items in my list? Shop complimentary items below!

Seriously, I need a toaster oven for my waffles and those gold earbuds to better listen to Ella! And don’t you think these black and white fashion inspired prints would look great in a gallery along with my mystery-source illustration above? I want it framed to stare at every day in my office! Also, how am I supposed to choose just one of those pairs of TOMS sneakers? Which do you like best? Oh! And where would you put pins on a world map?! I want to know all these things about you, dear blog reader!