September Instastories Round-Up! Shop the Posts You May Have Missed!

September Instastories Round-Up

I’m taking a little blogging break this week to get some other stuff done but I wanted to do a quick, Instastories round-up for y’all before September is over! All of you are so sweet to be interested in what I’m doing on the daily, but since I currently have less than 10k “followers” on Insta I don’t have access to the handy-dandy, “swipe up to shop” feature! As a result I get dozens of inbox messages asking me for links to the items I post about, so I’m linking everything in this blog! I’ll try to do this every month until I get to 10k and can link in the story for you to click on! I honestly don’t care if I never reach 10k though because it’s not the numbers, but the engagement, that matters to me, and y’all are the BEST followers I could ever ask for! So bear with me if we never get the swipe feature! I think you deserve to have it, no matter who you’re following, but you’ll have to take that up with Instagram!

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September Fashion and Style Trends

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With just a few shopping days left in August there’s still time to make sure you’re in vogue for Fall weather’s first week! In this post:
1. Glossy nude lips transition from Summer to Fall. Try a new shade in a pale pink instead of the bring coral or tangerine that was popular during the warmer months.
2. Metallics in gold or silver whisper luxe and elegance while adding that festive flash you can incorporate into even every day ensembles once the temperatures start to cool down.
3. Bib necklaces in glass beads give the neck a bit of coverage and pizazz. 
4. No, it’s not too early to be thinking of furs! Wear a bolero style in a pastel shade with shorter sleeves over a cocktail dress or with your favorite skinny jeans and flats.
5. If you don’t have a sequined statement piece, find one NOW! Sequins are huge right now from bags to shoes and everything in between!
6. The ‘natural’ look gets a 60’s throwback with the ever popular cat eye shape. Try the winged look with an intense gel or liquid liner in blackest black.
7. Studded accents are no longer for punk rockers only! Wear this look as a bracelet, or a point-toe flat. Studs aren’t just a passing trend these days… Like sequins they’re here to stay so anything you invest in now will be useful for many seasons to come!
8. Ombre nails! Just look at Pinterest and almost every fashion magazine this month and you can’t have missed this style statement! Nails are becoming their own accessory — no longer is it ok to ‘just’ paint them! Keep in mind a neutral Fall color though when painting! There is such a problem as too much of a good thing!