Taking Draper James to France on July 4th

Retro Inspired Independence Day Shoot

It’s truly incredible how much our young country has been through after 241 years in existence. Much has impacted our current trajectory, and while most of it is our own doing, we would not be who we are without the support and loyalty of our allies. Through all of our growing pains the people and country of France have been there for us, from acknowledging our sovereignty and becoming a military ally in our fight for British independence, to gifting us our beautiful Lady Liberty over 100 years later. We would not be who were are if it were not for France.  I wanted to do a little something different than most blogger’s annual July 4th inspired outfit post, so I hope you enjoy this little French-inspired look on America’s birthday!

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Saturday Brunch at LeSel Nashville

Review of LeSel Nashville

Brunching at LeSel is like sitting down to a thoughtfully prepared French breakfast with that one individual (we all know at least one person like this!) who is somehow perfect, while still being down to earth and the warmest, friendliest person you’ve ever met. They’re effortlessly chic and beautiful without looking like they try at all. You should feel unnerved by their je ne sais quoi, but somehow instead you feel as relaxed as you would be while engulfed in a hug from someone who thinks you can do no wrong.

The first time I had brunch at LeSel was with my darling friend, Christina. She’s the person version of LeSel. Poised, gracious and gorgeous. I enjoyed the combination of her company with LeSel so much so that it instantly became my favorite new breakfast spot in Nashville. I went online and immediately made a reservation for the following Saturday so that my Mum and I could go together!

My second time at LeSel I had to take some photos for you so that you will hopefully obtain a glimpse of what I’m poorly attempting to convey! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, hopefully these images can explain its charm better than I can!

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A Date at Belle Meade Plantation

This week we had our 7th Anniversary💖 It’s been a crazy couple of years since moving to Nashville and it’s even crazier to realize “we” have only 1 year of law school left!🎓 This week we tried to make up for a lot of lost time hanging out together and just enjoy living in Nashville.🎻 We went on a little day date to Belle Meade Plantation for a guided tour and wander around the grounds.🏰 Just an FYI to you ladies, the entire experience is a small enough amount of walking to still be able to wear some chunky heel pumps or wedges, I discovered (in relief)

A Day at Belle Meade Plantation

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DIY Steeplechase Derby Hat Tutorial

Because I don’t really have a horse in this race I can’t justify spending hundreds on a Derby hat every year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t at least look as if I did! You’ll probably recognize the hat shown in today’s DIY from last year’s Steeplechase post. I think I paid about $40 for that hat at Stein Mart, which is more than I like to pay for something I’m only planning on wearing only for a few hours! I decided this year I would just give that same hat a makeover and save my $$$ for the lobster roll truck at the Race!

DIY Derby Hat

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Baked Apple Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Roasted Apple Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I’ve been trying my darndest to add more cruciferous vegetables to my diet, but as a Southerner it’s imperative my food not be bland, so it’s been an adventure to produce dishes that not only taste good, but retain their health integrity! Another nutrition goal I have is to include as many macro nutrients in each meal as possible to make sure I’m eating enough of the right kinds of food. This Brussels Sprouts dish is not only flavorful but is also packed with protein, fiber, and the healthy kind of carbs and calories!

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