8 Spring Trends You Will Either Love or Hate

I have mixed emotions about this year’s Spring trends. I love the banker stripes, shirt dresses, satin jeweled pumps and tweed, but there are a few styles I just can’t wrap my mind around! I remember wearing pom pom earrings and embroidered jeans as a 13 year old in 2001! Not my best fashion year. Which stands to reason why I wouldn’t want to revisit it any time soon! What do you think about the trending styles below? Love them or hate them?

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Annual Birthday Wish List

My 28th birthday is less than a month from now. This birthday seems like a long time coming because last year I was in the middle of packing up to leave Germany and move to Nashville, so it almost seemed like I didn’t have one. On the flip side, (and this is the weird thing about being over 25), time goes by so fast, so in some ways I feel like my 2015 birthday was last month. This will only make sense to some of you — Enjoy being young and having time feel like it’s crawling by!

I have two reasons for blogging things like Birthday and Christmas wish lists every year… 1.) I’ll be curious 10 years from now to look back and see the sorts of things I wanted in 2016, and 2.) Sometimes I discover some interesting stuff and want to share with my readers that it exists! I frequently search ‘gift guides’ or ‘wish lists’ on Pinterest because I’m curious as to what people are asking for and giving these days and I doubt I’m the only Internet user that does that!

28th Birthday Wishlist

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The Look For Less // Spring Favorites

Y’all probably know by now I love a good deal! The only thing I love more than a good deal is sharing my finds with YOU!

I must admit I have a bit of a JustFab.com obsession. What they say on their TV commercials is true… the prices are good and the quality is better. If you’ve ever shopped at ZARA than you have something to compare JustFab to. The only thing about JF I have to be careful about is swooping in on their flash sales immediately upon getting a notification e-mail! Let me tell you, the cute stuff is always the first to go!

JustFab Spring Favorites for Half the Price!

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COFFEE FIRST Sequin Sweatshirts // SS16 Collection

Since 2011 I’ve been creating sequin embellished apparel (see herehere & here!) and selling my designs since 2014 (see here & here!). I’ve always had a special place in my heart for sequins! Last year, in October, I released my first all-sequin embellished line of short-sleeve sweatshirts to the public! The most popular design was the “Coffee First” sweatshirt and was sold out before I even uploaded them to my online boutique! I had people texting, e-mailing, PM-ing, Tweeting and Instagram-ing me, BEGGING to buy the sweatshirt after I posted the first teaser image on Instagram! Because of that incredible popularity (and the countless inquiries I’ve received since!) I decided to release the Coffee First 2.0 just in time for Spring!

Coffee First Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

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Spring Style Trends Nashville Girls Are Already Rocking

Living in a growing city has its downsides (horrendous traffic!) as well as its perks; Which in Nashville’s case is (among many other things!) incredible style and fashion inspiration! Nashville has done a tremendous job of creating an exciting environment for anyone with a passion for fashion. There are too many events, boutique openings and artists showcases to physically find the time to attend!

Spring Staples Nashville Girls Are Wearing

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