June Favorites (Best Office Bag EVER!)

Rachel's June Favorites Round-Up

I don’t always post a favorites blog every month… but when I do it’s full of fabulous finds! (LOL I couldn’t resist the meme reference!). Today’s round-up is comprised of 6 products I’ve been telling everyone about lately because they are almost too good to be true, but aren’t! I always trust bloggers who actually buy and use products themselves over simply rounding up photos of things just for the commission. While I’m all about making commissions, that’s now why I blog — so if I haven’t actually tried something, but I post a link to it on my blog or social media, I will always explain WHY! I hope you enjoy learning about my June favorites as much as I have enjoyed using them!

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Why Festive Ear Bobs Are the New Holiday Outfit


Towards the end of the first week of December I start to get burnt out on festive outfits and  begin gravitating towards the two outfits I know I look great in despite not working out and eating every Christmas cookie put in front of my face! I have two current holiday outfit go-to’s which serve for any type of occasion: A.) Something involving a tunic top + fur vest + leggings + boots (all black, obvs.), B.) Something involving an LBD + heels (again, all black, obvs.). I’ll switch between a glossy nude lip or matte red lip, and my hair up or down, but for the most part, that’s it!


However, I have a secret weapon to updating those two outfits, and setting them apart as “special” holiday outfits night after night: Earrings! Sparkly, gorgeous earrings! Yes, my dears, Holly was right; Give a woman the right earrings and she can rule the world! (or something to that effect!)

I’ve linked earrings from my favorite designers from $15 – $350. Click any of the links below to be taken straight to the website the item is sold on (no logging into an app or website rigmarole!)



Rocksbox #2 Review + 30 FREE Days of Rocksbox for You Too!

Yes, I know I just did a Rocksbox post but I wanted to share my second box because I’m even more pleased with this set than I was with the first. Remember I told you before how you can change your profile preferences and a Rocksbox stylist will send you pieces according to the updates? Well, I didn’t realize just how fast they would notice my change in preferences — Before the old box had even reached Rocksbox returns my stylist Kathy had chosen new pieces, written me a personal note about why she chose each piece, and sent the new box on its way. This all happened within 48 hours of sending the first box back!

Rocksbox Review

For my second box I asked for statement earrings, delicate/long necklaces and bangle/layering bracelets. As you can see that’s exactly what I got.

Rocksbox Review

I really like that these three pieces go perfectly together. It’s an entire look in one box.

Rocksbox Review

I’m loving Rocksbox so much I want to remind you they gave me a code for my readers to try their subscription service for FREE too! Just use code ‘mydiylifexoxo’ at Rocksbox.com and get your first 30 days free. As you can see this is my second box in April, so you could easily get 3 boxes in 30 days if you wished (and have the ability to make quick decisions!). And, since return shipping is also free, it’s 100% risk free if you end up hating the service.

What baubles would you want to see in a personalized Rocksbox for yourself?

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